Storyline The Initiation part 1

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  1. A van pulls up to the front of an isolated warehouse and three people get out of the van. They open up the back and drag out what looks like another body with a bag over its head. The sound of maniacal laughter echoes throughout the area. One of the figures opens the door to the warehouse and they walk to a portion of it that's under a light. You can see dried blood and rope surrounding a stool located under the light. The figures are revealed to be Britanica, Marcus Anthony and Trip in the Head. Britanica orders Trip to place the body on the chair and orders Marcus to tie it up using the rope. She takes the bag off and it's revealed to be Unknown. She smirks and walks around Unknown. The camera rotates to just behind Unknown. Britanica lifts his mask up and cracks open a smelling salt to wake him up. He comes to and he first grabs for his mask and Britanica has it in her hand.

    Britanica: Good Morning Unknown, I never why you wore the mask....until now *laughs*. All jokes aside. You need us. You need us like you need the air to breathe.

    Unknown: I NEED NO ONE! YOU SEE WHAT IVE ACCOMPLISHED ON MY OWN?! I CAN END EACH AND EVERY ONE OF *Marcus steps in and punches Unknown*

    Britanica: Now Marcus, that's no way to play nice. Let me show you how to treat our guests.
    *Britanica grabs a 2x4 and breaks it across his chest. She grabs him by his hair and moves towards his ear and whispers*
    Britanica:Feel better now?
    *Unknown attempts to catch his breathe as he's writhing in pain from that vicious shot. Once he does, he screams*
    *Trip and Fenris walk over to Unknown. He squats down to Fenris' ear and tells him something and Fenris starts to growl and the hair on his back raises.*
    Trip:Easy boy, your time will come. Let us eat
    *Trip walks to a cooler and grabs a few pieces of meat and the two start to devour it looking dead in the eyes of Unknown the whole time*

    Britanica:Have you seen what we can accomplish Mr Unknown? We take care of our own, dedicated to our task. Giving our all to right all that is wrong with that company. You have your fight and we have ours. The difference between yours and that we will get it done, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! *Britanica grabs a knife and glides it across his face and chest. She walks around him a couple times and then grabs his head and calmly says to him*
    Britanica:Give in to The Order Unknown, you don't want to be lost in the dark. We have seen your potential, we have seen what you can do. It's time for you to let us bring out what you really are.

    *Unknown spits on Britanica and Marcus rushes toward Unknown but she stops him from reaching him.

    Britanica: Marcus, he knows not of what he's doing. As you were once blind, he cannot see. Let us open his eyes to show him the truth.

    *Trip, Britanica and Marcus gather around Unknown. They all look at each other and have this evil grin on their faces then turn their attention towards Unknown. After a few seconds they start to beat him and the camera starts fading to black you hear screams filling the warehouse*
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