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  1. *A man in a Led Zepplin t-shirt walks out with a chair. He sets it down on the ramp and sits down*

    ???: Well, well. The first anniversary of IWT, meh. We don't even have the original owner of the company. Guess she had better things to do like Wayne. Now, you may be wondering who I am. For one, one funny som of a bitch. I am the Internet Darling, the king of new school. Chris Kaizer. Now, you may be wondering who the fuck is this good lucking lad. I use to wrestle for a company called PWR. Ran by a former IWT wrestler. Not going to name names though. Just know, I was the star of the company. Not Alias Antonio.
    *The crowd starts to boo*

    Chris Kaizer: I guess you like Alias? Well so did Ben Dover, look what happened to them to. Now, the biggest draw of this anniversary is Joey Bryant vs AIDS Johnson. I can't wait to be sitting in front of my TV watching these two go at it like a bunch of women on black Friday. Now, I do have AIDS winning this match, why? For one, I like people with AIDS, just ask Magic Johnson. Another reason being that Joey Bryant is like the Chris Jericho of IWT, sometimes main events, but will never ever ever be the top dog.

    *Kaizer stands up*

    In fact, a lot of people will never be top dog. Mainly because they broke a ton of fucking cameras, yeah. I'm talking to you ??? or whatever you call your self, I got a better name, Solomon Crowe.
    *The crowd pop at the name drop*

    Eh, so a bunch of Indy loving lads aren't ya? Another thing is that apparently the Canadians are rising up? Shut up and make maple syrup you peaceful pieces of shit! It's sad that the most famous things out of that country are Nickelback and Justin Bieber, yeah, so much to be proud of. OOOOOO BUT WE HAVE FREE HEALTHCARE! BITCH WE GOT OBAMACARE!

    Last but not least, Marcus and Britanica, what the fuck is going on? I thought this was gonna be a fetish porno, not some mind control bullshit! Get on with the dominate sex alright, Jesus.
    Oh, and Bruce Knight, Obama bitch!

    *Chris Kaizer drops the mic and walks backwords as his theme plays*

    Disclaimer: Obama was a special guest, not character change. ​
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  2. Knight is on his way back to the arena.
    Knight: Remember to give Kaizer that Present I was going to give him in PWR.....
  3. *Chris Kaizer sends a text to Knight*
    I'm Jewish, you dick.
  4. Knight Texts back
    Still ending that Copy of the Passion of the Christ your way......I guess I'll add a Dreidel in there for good measure....
  5. Kaizer replies with a picture of Jesus on the cross
  6. Knight Replies back with a picture of Brian on the cross from the Life of Brian...
  7. Kaizer replies back
    At least he he was somewhat real
  8. Knight Texts back
    Unlike that Jesus Bloke.....Dude was a fake......He's a worse attention whore then you.
  9. Kaizer texts back
    Major emphasis on the word "whore"
  10. Still Haven't defeated me.....Still haven't Touched me.....Still won more matches then you.....
  11. Kaizer replies
    Just wait, now here is a link to my twitter
  12. *Alias watches on from backstage*
    Alias: Ugh, not this punk again. Shame PWR shut down before I could have kicked his fucking head in.
  13. Thanks for the Link......Now I can hack into it......
  14. Isn't that ??? or whatever his name is job?
  15. OOC -Yeah....I was just making a joke.....