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  1. The random guy: IWT Universe, My name is Jason Scott, IWT's newest interviewer and the guys next to me are guys who according to internet fans, will fight forever. Ladies and Gentleman these two men are Braeden Cross and Jack Lux. Welcome gentleman.

    Jack Lux and Braeden Cross don't even acknowledge Jason as they keep staring at each other in silence

    Jason: Now, both of you have been away from IWT for a couple of weeks and first, I want to talk to Jack who has been calling himself "the professional" recently. So my first question is what have you been doing while you have been away?

    Jack Lux: I have been around the world bettering myself so I that I beat anyone on the roster at anytime I want.

    Jason: Interesting. So on the other hand, Cross has been doing some inter promotional stuff for us and will continue to do that as he will be representing IWT alongside The British Apprentice, Reagan Cole in the ARK Dynamic Duos competition so tell us Braedon, what are your thoughts towards that?

    Braeden Cross: My interpromotional exploits are irrelevant right now, Jason. This is a matter of war between myself and Jack Lux. But I will say this, Reag, I'm keen to see what we can accomplish as a team. You know, I want to ask you something Jack. I want to ask you why you decided to turn against the IWT faithful and IWT management because I got some opportunities for interpromotional work that you didn't? It's not my fault that IWT management don't like the idea of home invasions. Not my fucking fault that your international exploits didn't get the attention that mine did. I apologise for the fact that I was just in the right place at the right time. My point is, Jack, that there's no point being fucking bitter. You and I are in the middle of a war Jack, and you say that you're going it do your best to kill me. Your best will not be enough. I'm un-fucking-killable. Next question Jason.

    *Lux stop Jason Scott before he has a chance to speak*

    Jack Lux: Braeden, I don't about the you interpromotional work and I didn't. The reason on the fans was because I realized I didn't need them. You're we are at war, and bloody war at that, and like I said when I knocked you out... I will end you, and you can believe that. Continue Jason.

    Jason: Okay then...Now Lux, you are currently one up in the best of 3 series between you and Cross which means you only need one more win to win the series so to both of you, what is your mindset going into the important second match?

    Braeden Cross: Win. Win at all costs. Jack knows the lengths I'm willing to go to to defeat him. I know how far he's willing to go. My mindset is on winning. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    Jason: and you Jack?

    Jack Lux: First of all, Braeden that was my question... You idiot. Second of all, Jason I know what it means to up 1-0 in a best of three series. I digress though. My mindset is at any cost to destroy Braeden Cross. I won't settle for anything less.

    Braeden Cross: Actually, if the boys in the truck play that back, you can clearly hear Jason asking the question to both of us. You illiterate ****. But you know, I'M the idiot. All jokes and insults aside, I'm glad that you're one up in the series. I know I shouldn't. But I am. It gives me a chance to show that I can come back from 1-0, to be the one that because I'm one down in the series, people overlook me and go right for the guy who has the higher score in the series. But you know, I'm really not afraid of losing either. Because no matter what, you're not winning that IWT IC championship. I will make it my life's mission to make sure you never hold ANY championship in IWT. Jason, you got anything else for us?

    Jason: Yes I do, and this is to Braeden from a viewer called @Geek773. How does losing the first match in the series affect your gameplan?

    Braeden Cross: Well Geek, the fact of the matter is, it doesn't. My gameplan has always been and will always be win at all costs. I will find and exploit a weakness in Jack Lux and when the smoke clears, the score will be 1-1.

    Jack Lux: Braeden, you are so, so naive. I can't believe that you actually think that you have a chance. You don't, I know when I beat you on Vice that I'll go on to whoever the fuck is the Intercontinental Champion and I know that you can't stop me. What you're saying is a fucking pipe dream, and yes as far as I'm concerned you are a fucking idiot.

    Braeden Cross: Pipe dream? You think that this is all a pipe dream? I'll fucking tell you what this is, boy. This is the calm before the storm, this is the electricity before the big fight. This is a declaration of war. And this is the genesis of utter fucking chaos. You seem to think that just because I took the eye off the ball for one second in match #1 that I would slip up again. I won't. My time away from IWT has made me humble. It has made me focused. And it has made me determined to come out on top and tie this series. You can talk all the shit that you want Jack. The fact of the matter is, I know I can beat you. You know I can beat you and that terrifies you, so you adopt this new mantra of "everybody is against me, I hate you all" that seems to be a common philosophy amongst school shooters. Fucked up analogy, yes I know, but it just goes to show how fragile your precious little ego is, Jacky. You're due for a slip up and the second you make it, you can bet your ass that I will be the one to jump on that and win. I have no fear, I have nothing to lose, I have everything to gain. I feel like I'm going back in circles because I keep bringing up the point that YOU. CAN'T. PUT. ME. DOWN.

    Scott: Lux, your response?

    Jack Lux: School shooter? School shooter are pussy. I'm no school shooter... I'm "The fucking Professional!" That means I don't slip up, and my ego has nothing this, yours does though. You were the started all this when accepted my open challenge. You may not fear me now, but I promise you that you fucking will. Braeden I know you can beat me you've done before, but now I know that you can't beat me because the Jack Lux of today can beat the Jack Lux of a couple months ago.

    Scott: Well Lux, the next question is to you aswell and it comes from @Anthony and he asks what made you turn against the fans?

    Jack Lux:
    Well @Anthony, If you'd use your fucking ear you'd know that I said in my promo two days ago I said that I didn't need them anymore, because I'm going get paid whether they like me or not.

    Braeden Cross: And you see, that's exactly the problem with people like you! I've gone on record as saying that you were someone I looked up to Jack! Your love of the business was what inspired me to get INTO the business. But your attitude that it's all about the money is absolutely fucking disgusting! You bottom feeding cretin.

    Jack Lux: Isn't it fitting that the guy that got you into pro wrestling, is going to be the guy to end career in pro wrestling.

    Braeden Cross: Once again... YOU. CAN'T. FUCKING. END. ME.

    Jack Lux: It's okay Braeden, denial is the first stage of mourning.

    Jason: Well I think we should wrap this up so I would like to thank Braeden Cross and Jack Lux for their participation in this interview and you can watch the second match of their series this Saturday on VICE along with The first stop on Reagan Cole's leaving tour as he faces the beast, Cousin Eddy in one major matchup. Don't forget to like and subscribe and post in the comments, who you think will win this Saturday and my name is Jason Scott and I'll see you soon.


    OOC: Special thanks to @The ReagMaster for being the interviewer. Also this was meant to be posted before the match on Vice.
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