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    As IWT returns from a commercial break, the lights dim shortly as Aids Johnson flashes across the titantron, before his music hits.

    Aids walks out to a mixed reaction, but he ignores his usual motions and walks to the ring facing forward. Aids slides slowly into the ring, grabbing a microphone and ignoring the "has-been" chants.

    Fuck what the casuals have to say, I had one hell of a royal rumble. Lord Lee won, and another Cure member fulfills his destiny. Oh, and Alias pulled off his huge victory, becoming the new IWT champion. "But where does Aids come in," you ask? I set the bar that is now being reached by my former teammates. "But what does Mr. Wrestlemania, Aids Johnson have in store?"

    I have no plans apparently, I am a pariah from the ownership of the IWT, left out of contention because of how "confrontational" and "unprofessional" I am. I see even Gav the Champ has decided to side with the other "staff" members of this crowd. Well, Gav, I have an answer to your bullshit cry for attention: Fight me.

    Uprising, Elimination Chamber, I don't care when, but I do know one thing - At this point I see no clear #1 contender for the WHC, and rewatching the Royal Rumble and its events, one thing is clear. Plain and Simple, Christian sits on his high horse, a "champion" whose championship reign ran against competitors no one knows, or those people will never remember. Someone a year ago I would have laughed off, but now someone whose back I am willing to step on to regain my place on the ladder.

    So I will fight Gav, ONLY if it is for the WHC title shot at WM, since we all know Lord Lee isn't going to pick Door #2 after his Royal Rumble win. My premise is simple: I beat Gav, I destroy Christian, and I retire this belt to become the only 4 time IWT champion ever. Joey Bryant be damned, Aids Johnson lives.
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  2. Wait, how would that make you a 4-time IWT Champion? Am I missing something?
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  3. I win the whc, and combine the world titles for good was the point
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