The IWT Championship Situation...

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  1. Respect Gohan6425 - your lawyer got you a title match at MITB, and you picked CrayJ Lee's WWE title. That's all, you do not and will not get the option to pick the type of match.

    CrayJ Lee is the champion, therefore SHE is the one who picks the match stipulation/type. If you don't like this, then tough.

    Also, Gohan, you have yet to sign the IWT contract here:

    You need to use the form in that post and reply to the thread, else this match isn't happening.

    I'm sick of the drama here, MY champion picks the terms, NOT you.
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  2. So if he doesnt sign the agreement does he not get a title match?
  3. Precisely.
  4. Please dont sign it.
  5. I'm not saying we should stop him....orrrr >.>
  6. Why is it the IWT WWE Title? Shouldn't it just be the IWT title lol.
  7. :finger:

  8. Answer it :bury:

    Seriously though that always confused me lol.
  9. I've heard many names for it honestly. WWEF title, WWE title, IWT WWE title, it's so confusing :upset:
  10. So many guys have had it around their waist it might as well be called Kelly Kelly's legs.

    Respect Gohan6425
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  11. So, Gohan didnt sign it, Whats happening with teh title?
  12. He's getting fuck all because none of the people care about his lame ass.
  13. I agree

  14. lol i alrealy under contract!
  15. Sign the contract or your title match is OFF!

  16. i am under contract!
  17. You haven't signed the contract... so no, you're not under contract.
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  18. Please dont sign it and give up your title

  19. I been under contract since the IWT WAS MADE! Catwoman