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  1. I think it was a shitstorm how things were put together, and i'm not sure i'm the only one. Let me know if you'd like a new HoF setting for those inducted, as it is and was done in a way that really promotes IWT and fails on every other aspect (the user, views, promos, etc)

    We will be awarding the new inductees as well as giving it up for Senhor and Brita one more time, as that induction should be an honor, as well as a all about the person who put their time in weeks, days, hours, and minutes to give them a thank you. IWT will be doing it sometime later this year, I just wanted it to be known and have opinions on the deal. We will also be honoring Jono's fatass time in IWT and give him a ride off for all the work he did.
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  2. I'm the only person worthy of being inducted. So suck it.
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  3. FTJ deserves to be in the Hall of Fame more than you
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  4. Yes please :stopspot:
  5. When do I go in for running iwt into the ground? And what the fuck, jono is still on here?
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  6. Whenever you got damn please!
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  7. I check daily, but I never have alerts so I don't post anything.
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  8. you don't. Jono ended his legacy worse than my competitive career, somehow. You can help me by getting this back to active, i know you are a huge mark and are a great asset to help here. I just need people to trust me, give me an open input without expecting me to ruin this section for good, and show up when they say they can.

    That's it everyone, give Aids a chance.
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