The Job Market

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  1. Whats it all about these days, the system does not work. Back in the good old days of 2003, it was not this bad. The smartest gets shoved into frivelous tasks, whilst the dumbest get all the perks. The last job I had was all about being quick at the uptake, I quit and ran away from home it was that bad.

    I am unemplyed now, and people are pressuring me into getting anothe job. They need to realise that smart people cannot take being insulted with vacous tasks, they have no motivation and that is why the smartest are jaded
  2. its just the education system is fucked, they do not appeal o the smartest these days, I leanrt more from my Manson albums than I did in School
  3. Everyone gets belittled at work, smart or not. This is nothing new. People crap all over each other. It is sad, but it happens at work/jobs more than anywhere. Favoritism come into play heavily because of it.
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  4. I just think that wasn't the right job for you.
  5. Life's tough when you are a pussy retard, ya know?
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  6. What level of education do you have? Apply for jobs appropriate to those, if you have none and just have a superiority complex you need to work your way up buddy. Skills can be taught but workrate can't.
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  8. Hardwork gets you nowhere. Ass licking seems to be the way forward imo.
  9. Partly yes, however work rate is still required.
  10. work rate is for vanilla midgets. I have the it factor
  11. We know Justin Ziggler, we know.
  12. hate hate hate hate
  13. I have no education as such, as I dropped out of High School as it did not challenge me, like I said the education system is fucked, it only appeals to the dumbest.
  14. If you were intelligent you wouldn't have dropped out without a back up.
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  15. I got my eduactaion from NIN and Manson, they taught me more than any lecturer can.
  16. Start up your own business then bud, if the job market doesn't tickle your fancy get something set up yourself that will. It's not easy but if you want a challenge that will be it.
  17. I am not motiavted to do that, like I said I have become jaded which happens to smart people these days with how friverlous things are, bring back 2003
  18. Doesn't want to work, doesn't want to do education and doesn't want to do anything. Dude you don't want 03 back you want a handout. Go claim unemployment and get it over with.
  19. To be jaded by work you need to have first been within the workforce.
  20. I was but it depressed me as it did not challenge me, I ran away from home because of it for fucks sake