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  1. Christopher Nolan (and co-writer David S. Goyer) have commented before that if Heath Ledger hadn't tragically died that The Joker character would have almost certainly had a small role or a cameo in The Dark Knight Rises. Hypothetically, what do you think the role/cameo would have been if Heath hadn't of died and Joker made an appearance? The Joker being put on trial for his crimes? Him being executed in prison? Batman visiting him in Arkham Asylum for some reason? Maybe him breaking out of prison or Arkham Asylum and being the main villain again? Etc., etc.
  2. He most certainly would've played a solid role in the movie, can't quite say specifically what they would've done but I imagine he would've ended up being a main villain again.. I don't think Bane would've had as big of a role that he did had Heath Ledger not tragically perished.
  3. Throwing semen at Clarice when she goes to visit Catwoman.
  4. I remember hearing that if he didn't die he would have been in the role of the judge. The role Scarecrow had in the movie. But, that would feel like too small of a role for his character.

    I don't know, I'm pretty sure if he lived they would have went with The Riddler storyline which was heavily rumored.
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    I think his role would have been a second enemy, so Nolan had to up the Bane character. Thing is, in the comics or the animated films, they were a bit "distant," but had a similar common goal: Batman's death. The reason why focused Rises on the Bane character, is because Heath died.

    Oh, and in Dark Knight, the Joker already died. Just like the 1989 film of the same name, "Batman."

    (I remember him falling, or just hanging in the air. So, at least, he was arrested by cops, and has been arraigned in the same timeframe as Rises.)
  6. He didn't die, Batman simply left him hanging to be arrested by the SWAT team. (Realistically though, there's no way the cops would have let The Joker leave that building alive after all the police officers he was responsible for killing.)