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  1. Another time one thread was closed in favor of a thread with the exact same deal.

    This is another deflection of the ideal creative section because the creative that is in place is against it, and that is a huge issue. Make a thread or add a poll to this or another asking one simple question: "would you like to vote for the GM of the IWT?" Yes, or no. It's that simple.

    What is being done is a huge issue, because once again a thread was closed in favor of making a new thread asking people to vote on something similar, while deflection opinions of the IWT GM position. Crayo posted in the other thread asking for ideas on it, and now said thread has been closed in favor of this. It's unfair, biased, and IMO is ridiculous.
  2. This was made by the entire staff team, incl. Crayo. Stop moaning for the sake of moaning.
  3. You are the one having a huge issue. If you do such a great job, why would a public vote for GM hurt you? Clearly people would choose you as GM and the debate would be over for it.

    This is another huge issue here in IWT. It was held off for WM but having people say you learned your lesson from WM are full of shit, because there has been no cards, no uprising, and no PPV's since WM for you to show you have changed. A vote is a fair and simple process, and you are the one powertripping, plain and simple. This is a deflection tactic and is a joke all around.
  4. How do you expect us to show change when the next show isn't until 2 weeks? You want me to magic up another show just to show change?
  5. I never got a chance...With Aids and Dolph's being sure for the last two.

    I was pretty sure that "Hardest working (And Jonathon)" was not flaming considering he's required to be included. Oh well safe bet it's gonna be Aids or Dolph's...
  6. I wasnt the one who said you learned your lesson. We is nothing, as d'z stated you have complete control over the section and this is just another simple power move to keep yourself in place. If you have nothing to lose and are a great GM, why is the voting such a horrible idea? You've ignored that part of my question time and time again.
  7. Count me in for GM spot, and having Roadster out of the running for his disagreeing of how others feel is absolute bs. I'll be running for GM, not creative. I don't want or need to be tossed out again when I am voted to stay within creative itself. Everyone in creative should be forced to show what they bring to the table, and until then this is a horrible and bs idea.

    I'll be GM. I'll fix the problems, and if the concept here is that Creative is the one set to choose if you did a good job or not, that is ridiculous.
  8. I have literally no control over this section, stop kidding yourself. Like @Crayo would do that. :facepalm:

    I'm not saying voting is such a horrible idea, it's the fact that we've had this twice now and both times you and the 'anti-Jono' group lost. You just won't accept failure though, you have to keep going and praying on every little mistake, blowing it out of proportion then presenting it to the forum dressed up like it's some big deal when really you've made something out of nothing.
  9. Support of Butt lore?
  10. we didn't lose, you changed what the vote was on. You asked "does creative need a change" and it won by leaps and bounds. You haven't addressed it, and are taking it personal which is bs, because it's not just you I have the issue with.
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  11. I'm talking about this, the poll you made: http://forums.watchwrestling.ch/threads/should-jonathan-be-removed-as-gm-of-iwt.34620/

    Why don't you bring this up? You tried this crusade before and lost. Deal with it.
  12. It's a completely different idea. This is a vote for the GM position, that was one to remove you. You are the one with dealing issues, since Crayo posted in the other thread that it is up to the IWT to decide if they are interested in voting for who controls the section. You once again power tripped, and ended that in favor of this thread instead. It's fine, i'll just go for the GM position interim until people see what can be added, period.

    You also said multiple times, I see only one, and that thread was closed before the voting process even ended.
  13. Lol, 3 mods (That love you) and you voted for you, Danny doesn't care and he has said that multiple times.

    And @Aids Johnson Support or Butt Lore Bruh?
  14. What? I am running for GM, the issue you have should be taken above this thread.
  15. So Butt Lore (Refute) But i'm guessing you think i'm a good boi :dawg:
    D'z and Aids For the Mutha fuckin win!
  16. Dude, are you speaking from your ass? I'm not siding with anyone as I said millions of times in previous threads. I hate taking sides, but I give my two cents on stuff. Do I agree with some stuff that has been said? No, but that's just my opinion. Just cause I don't want Jonathan to step down doesn't mean I love him. fuck man
  17. Wait, so the GM winner is forced to work alongside jono, has no Mod powers here, and shares it with the other top 2 votes? Am I reading that correctly?
  18. No one has mod powers in this section. Gotta get Crayo to clear that up.
  19. Yes
    No, they'd have mod powers here
    No, dunno where you got that from.
  20. Well tbh, we already have staff here to ensure it all works out smoothly at this point, and I dont see the need to change that. Answer the rest of my question, please and thank you.