Storyline The Joy of Painting

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  1. Somewhere in a dark room a tripod is focused on an easel with a large drawing pad placed on it with some pencils. Suddenly Lights are turned on revealing a Bob Ross-esque TV show set. Out of the camera view, Arno Frye can be heard whistling his theme music, fur Elise, whilst assumingly gathering art supplies. A very feminine sounding painful moan his heard before being silenced by Frye...seemingly by force. Finally he enters the camera view with a chair in hand. He is wearing his normal gear but no jacket. Instead a stained apron in which he is shirtless underneath of. He adjusts the camera and positions himself in between the easel and the camera at a comfortable angle.

    Welcome ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages to the joy of painting with your host Arno Frye! Today we're gonna be doing a really fun little drawing... *picks up H2 drawing pencil* so firstly we're going to start off with the know just plan it out. Yes...yes this coming out pretty well...

    Frye sketches out a bridge with two paths interconnecting and leading to just out side a gate to a city.

    Isn't this just wonderful? But it's missing something...ah yes...color. *grabs yellow,orange,red,purple and some other colors*. Yes...color here...a little there...oh yeah there could use a it of something...boom! Its...its finished...


    Beautiful...wait've made a mistake...*leans closer to the paper*...FUCK.

    Frye jumps out of his seat and destroys the drawing along with the easle. He throws the chair out the Cameras view. Now breathing heavy he picks up the camera and brings it to his face and fixes his hair.

    Mark my words, I will not let my failed projects linger around much longer. Your days are numbered. Abominations are not meant to walk among us! I cannot be at peace until you aren't around anymore. You and the other IWT abominations...I made you and him a promise...and I'm a man of my word...but until that day comes...tata...*hysterical laughter*

    Arno turns the camera off.
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