The Jwab's Upcoming New Movie

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    *The lights go out in the arena. You hear the intro and the paparazzi comes out during the intro. They seem to be surrounding someone at the top of the ramp. The camera can only catch the back of them and then the intro stops.... the paparazzi moves and the camera zooms in on the back of an actor's chair that says " The Jwab". Jwab gets out of the chair and he is in a bright red tuxedo with sunglasses on. He makes his way to the ring where there is a huge curtain with Jwab on it covering the poster for his brand new movie. The Jwab gets up on the apron and looks at the ropes, he seems to not be getting in the ring himself. He looks at the entrance and starts motioning his hands for someone to hurry up. Out runs Lil' David. He gets to the apron and he stands on the middle rope so Jwab gets in the ring without tripping up. Jwab sends Lil' David back to the back. Jwab sees two chairs and an interviewer is sitting in one. He gets up to shake Jwab's hand but Jwab just sits down and crosses his legs*

    The Interviewer: Hello Jwab, I know that we are here to talk about your new movie and all but your GM insisted that we ask you a couple questions about the upcoming X-Division themed Uprising tournament that you are apart of. We'll get back to talking about your movie... but can you give us your thoughts on Bruce Knight and your other possible opponents in the Number One Contender's triple threat match?

    The Jwab: I'll save for what I want to say to Bruce Knight when I face him in the ring. BUT, I guess I'll listen to Trip and talk about the other guys. Truly, I don't know fifty percent of the other competitors. I don't even know their names. The only match I am looking forward to watching other than mine this week is Aiden Ryan versus Trevor Raynor. Ya know... I've known Trevor for a long time and I'm curious to see if he still has it. Aiden on the other hand.... I don't know a single thing about this guy... so can we get to the movie?

    The Interviewer: Umm... you didn't really talk about the other two men, Justin Magnus and Clobbersaurus, thoughts on them?

    The Jwab: Who? Like I said... I have no idea who they are. I've been gone being a box office smash. Do you expect me to care about two men that I haven't heard about.. EVER.. in my career? *Jwab looks at the interviewer with a very aggressive face* That's right. I don't give TWO shits about these guys. If you can't tell right now, we don't have much time to do this. Let's get this show on the road.

    -This is where I pretty much talk about my movie and such... if you want to read it... read it. But, ya should anyway-

    The Interviewer: Okay, so let's talk about how it was to work on the set of this movie and how you felt working with some of these other big action stars?

    The Jwab: It was probably the best time I've had in my life. Ya know? I left after the Elimination Chamber and my director, Jim Knife, told me to use a stunt double for the road to IWT Mania and that stunt double pretty much fucked up my whole wrestling career. But, I met an old friend from the Eye Dubya Tee roster when filming this movie and he had a pretty prominent role. You may know him as Big Boss... or Farooq? Fun seeing him again. I hope to have more movie roles with him. ALSO, Dwayne Johnson... that guy has the chops. Almost as good as chops as mine. I feel that in a past life, we might have been brothers.

    The Interviewer: Do you think you'll see yourself doing a sequel to this movie?

    The Jwab: Of course! It was a blast. But, sometimes I felt that I carried the movie. You'll see when Megan and I have some intimate scenes. Pretty graphic for children but my girlfriend, Jessica Alba, approved of the scene. Also, RYAN REYNOLDS IS AMAZING. How is that guy not the next big thing? Like Gree-

    *Interviewer cuts him off*

    The Interviewer: Well, that is all we got and now we are going to reveal the co-

    *The Jwab attacks the Interviewer. He lays about ten punches to the forehead of the interviewer. He picks him up and hits the Skull Crushing Finale. The crowd starts boo-ing. Jwab grabs the mic*

    The Jwab: WELL! I got one more thing to say, come tomorrow when my new movie comes out... I will not just prove that I'm the biggest box office draw IN THE WORLD. But, at Uprising... I will prove that I am also the biggest wrestling draw IN EYE DUBYA TEE.



    OOC - I felt like cutting something since everyone was and Guardians Of The Galaxy is also comes out tonight. I present to you guys this. I also included Farooq incase he ever wants to come back... cause I love the nigga. Ummm... I felt that this was too long also and I rambled on. If there is anything I can improve on, let me know. And yeah, I really dig The Miz's gimmick so I'm gonna turn it into something bigger. Did you like it? If you want to do something in the future PM me.... ehh.. bye. Also, credit to my nigga WN for making the poster.
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