Storyline The King's Court Episode 1: What a' maneuver!

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  1. And now boys and girls, time for a brand new talk show extravaganza! Roll the tape!

    *The scene fades in to a well decorated interview set where Drake and Midas are seen sitting comfortably, and drinking from their personalized coffee cups. Lee can be seen in a background, dressed in a black suit with black shades and a name tag that says "Securi-Lee".*

    Drake: Good evening ladies and germs and welcome to IWT's newest critically acclaimed talk show, The Lion's Den! I am your host Drake and I am sitting next to my lovely partner, who happens to also be the host as well, Midas! Take it away Midas.

    Midas: Actually it's called The King's Court... but your name is good to!

    Drake: I thought that we had agreed upon my oh so brilliant name right before we aired. You can't deny that it's just roaring with pizzazz and originality.

    Midas: Ah yes, but if you look up above our heads, you'll see that the neon clearly spells out "The King's Court".

    *Midas points above his head, and as the camera pans out Drake looks up, and just like Midas said, the neon sign says King's Court.*

    Drake: Whatever, the name is meaningless. It's all about the content, and when it involves us two you know that it's going to be good. We do have a packed show today as well. Midas, how about you bring out our first guest? I feel like working out and picking up a protein shake.

    *Exit Drake*

    Midas: Don't forget to put on a heart monitor! Keep that burn rate steady! Haha! What a way to start the show. Well, IWT HQ asked us to put on this masterpiece of a show, since we are the most debonaire people on the roster, and with my business connections it was pretty easy to get this beautiful closed set in the Appalachian mountains, as you can see if you look out the windows in the background. And all of this prime equipment and staff. We're top of the line, suck it Conan!

    And with a banging show, you need a banging first guest, and boy did we hit the jackpot on this one. He is a former IWT tag team champion, a former in ring monster, the former leader of the order of the night, the maker of a mean cup of coffee, and our acting general manager. Securi-Lee, bring out MR. Trip! In! The! Head!

    *Lee walk off the set and through a door way, after a while he returns with the IWT GM, dressed in a fine suit. Lee hands Trip a cup of coffee and shakes his hand before directing Trip towards the leather sofa next to Drake and Midas' chairs. Trip waves to the crowd as he walks on the main stage and sits down. *

    Midas: Sit down! Sit! Welcome, nice to see you! Thanks for taking the time to do this; I know that you are a busy man.

    Trip: Indeed I am Midas. Between gearing up for my own return to action, returning superstars, the new creative team and just normal planning for the next show I can be quite a busy man sometimes. *Trip pauses and smiles* But I still make some time for the ladies, if you catch my drift. *Trip chuckles* But thanks for having me on your first show Midas. I'm honored, really.

    Midas: Now, before we get on with the interview: I know that before you went into the business, you spent time working as a butcher. So we actually prepared a little something for you. What I have here: Is some fresh off the butchers’ table, prime bacon, from right here in the beautiful Appalachian mountains. We wondered if you’d be interested in tasting it and commenting on it.

    *Trip takes a strip of Bacon, puts it in his mouth and chews on it briefly before spitting it out and going on a tirade a sailor would blush at.*

    Trip: UGH, what the hell!? You call that bacon? I've eaten liver that tasted better than that shit. Who the fuck told you this was 'prime' bacon, cause you been fooled. Aw god *Trip takes a drink from his mug* I can't get that awful flavor out of my mouth.

    Midas: Well hey! What do ya know! It’s Tofu! But let’s get on to main course shall we?

    *Midas throws the plate of tofu bacon off screen and off camera. Somewhere in the background you hear it impact with the skull of a disgruntled stage hand.*

    Midas: So, Mr. Trip. You have been in power here in IWT for just about half a year if I am not mistaken, and it has been a tumultuous time. We’ve seen the retirement and debuts of multiple talents in the ring. We’ve seen titles change name and appearance….And we saw the debacle that was the triangle drama between you, Jonathan and Dat Kid. Is there anything that is out of bounds or do I have fair game when it comes to my questions?

    *Before Trip has a chance to reply Midas slams his coffee mug down on the oak table and exclaims*

    Midas: Great! Let’s get started then shall we?

    Midas: Question number one: What happened to Marcus? your former tag team partner. When you assumed power here in the IWT he disappeared off of the face of the planet, whilst most of us thought he would pursue singles glory, did you leave Marcus with Jimmy Hoffa or is there an explanation to his disappearance?

    Trip: You know that's a good question even I would like to know the answer to Midas. One day he was just.....gone. I mean, our original leader, Britannica, just vanished and we persisted as best we could. Even winning the tag team belts without her. But after you two defeated us all those months ago, he just disappeared. I mean, we used to ride to the shows together and everything but one day he just didn't show up. I tried my best to get a hold of him but every avenue I explored came up short. Maybe one day he will once again grace an IWT ring with his presence, but only time will tell I suppose.

    Midas: …..Okay…. On to question two! Rumors backstage say that you only cut your beard because Dat Kid sent mocking emails to you, describing it as his own fro’s “pubes”. There are also rumors that Jonathan hid a Domino’s pizza in it, resulting in an infestation of small birds and rodents. Again these are questions and rumors sent to us by anonymous sources, I am so not making this up. Care to comment on this?

    Trip: First off, fuck Dat Kid. I hate that you even had to say his name here tonight, but I suppose with the latest goings on in IWT it couldn't be avoided could it? And Jonathon ain't coming within 10 feet of me with those nasty toppings he likes on his pizzas. Greek yogurt, green olives and sardines? *Trip pauses and smiles* He likes it warm and salty ya know. But to get back to the question - I felt a change was needed to help make the impact I desired since I was set to make my return. I have full intentions to return to action as soon as possible, maybe even challenging for my own company's title again. But that's down the road. This is only the beginning. I have.....other things to take care of first.

    Midas: Well isn't that just grand!? Question three: At the end of Night of Champions, we saw the formation of an unlikely group, namely you, a returning Aids Johnson and my own old tag team partner Eric Draven. And the three of you butted heads with IWT star Alias Antonio and your former Virgil, Dat Kid. Care to comment on this formation, and what is the status going into Survivor Series?

    Trip: The group made up of Aids, Draven, and myself was really one of coincidence. I mean, as GM I hear about all the stars that are planning to be in my ring at some point or another. It just so happened that a couple of the best and brightest from the past were returning to action about the same time I was. I approached them and made my proposition for the group - and here we are now. We don't even know what to call ourselves yet to be honest. And as far as the exchange with Alias and......Dat Kid......this was yet another beginning. A beginning to the oncoming war. Survivor Series will be just the start. Dat Kid will select his best 5 to take on 5 of my choosing from IWT. We'll see who has the better roster. And I'm not even sure what Alias wanted to begin with. He called me out and out I came. Albeit with some backup. But when I finally got into the ring alone with him - he attacks me. Gee, wonder why I brought the back up huh? Then Dat Kid surreptitiously comes out to stick his big black.....nose..into my business.

    Midas: Also, while we are on this subject: What is the status of Alias Antonio? We saw him leave Night of Champions with Dat Kid, and rumors are circulating of him signing a FSW contract on live TV being imminent, but I asked the office and Alias is still a contracted IWT superstar, so him signing a FSW would obviously cause a lot of legal red tape for that company. Care to comment?

    Trip: I don't know what the deal with Alias is now. I haven't gotten any word that he has quit and defected to Dat Kid's little experiment gone wrong so I can't really say what his intentions are. I can say that if he does sign a contract with any other company while still under contract with IWT his IWT contract will immediately become null and void. I've already discussed the situation with my lawyers and this is all fair and legal according to the IWT contract any IWT superstar signs before competing. So I just hope Alias knows what he is doing and knows all the consequences that will come with his choices.

    Midas: I thought so, oh! And by the way, question four: when is the soda machine in the catering truck being fixed? The hard working boys need to know! Aiden has gone six weeks without an RC cola from the machine! He’s had to go to the store and buy one like common folk, to the store, Trip! The store!

    Trip: You think I keep track of whats wrong with the catering truck? :pity2: I got people for that Midas. Complain to them. Come on, you know how that is.

    *Drake returns from backstage, tossing an empty shaker over his shoulder as he enters whilst pulling out a full one from somewhere. He sits down in his chair and salutes the GM.

    Drake: You know what? I think we could do with a mood lightener after all that, a game sounds like fun. Let's play "Put us over!" First question: Who are the current, reigning, defending, Tag Team Champions of the world!?

    Trip: *Trip raises one eyebrow up at Drake's question* Well - assuming that's not a trick question - it's you two. The Desperadoes of IWT.

    Drake: Right you are, Trip! Now, second question: Who has the best entrance theme in all of the IWT?

    Trip: Well, I was always kind of partial to the old Order of Night entrance as a whole......

    Drake: No, no, no. That's simply wrong. The correct answer! Alright, final question: Who has the best finisher in the IWT?

    Trip: Well I have a new finisher I have been working on called The Power Trip where I pick the guy up from behind.....

    Drake: *spit take*

    ~spits protein shake over Trip~

    Trip: *Trip just sits still for a moment - protein shake dripping down his face. He reaches up with both hands, obviously annoyed, and wipes off his face* Are you fucking kidding me? Ugh, this interview is over. *Trip receives a towel from a stage hand and wipes the rest of his face and suit off as he stands up and leaves the set - not saying another word and obviously not happy*

    *Exit Trip*

    Midas: Wait! I still had questions! Is it true that Jonathan spends the days farting in his office!? Is it true that Brit’s old office is still haunted by the ghost of FTJ!? WHAT OF THE SODA MACHINE!?

    *Midas collects himself, taking deep breaths before looking straight into the camera.

    Midas: Trip in the head ladies and gentlemen! He obviously had important stuff to get back to. And with that we are heading to commercial break, but when we return I will reveal the challenger for my European championship at Survivor Series, so stay tuned!

    *commercial break*

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  2. Michael pops up on screen.

    Michael: Woah, what's going on there? The Franchise Michael here to tell you all that I'm the single greatest performer on the current IWT roster, yep it's me. I not only destroyed Ami what's his name. But I brought back Eric Draven, a former world champion. I put on a match of year candidate with (beep) and I had the greatest summer of my life as a high tailing main eventer. Sure I've been in a slump since SummerSlam but you know what, I'm sure The New Generation and I are truly gonna change everything. Midas; Andrew...You've ran away from us before but I forgive the cowardly action because honestly, who doesn't fear The Franchise and The New Generation?

    Michael walks off from the camera before throwing a TNG T-shirt at the camera which slowly slides off.
  3. *We come back from the commercial break to see Drake and Midas talking animatedly with the house band playing in the background.*

    Drake: And we're back! And Midas, I believe that we have an announcement to make?

    Midas: That I do Drake, in fact: We have two!

    First off: Our tag team scene, our glorious tag team scene! Is suffering, it is suffering from something I like to call, cold feet. The people in the tag team scene have cold feet! They are afraid to step in the ring and facing off with the two man nuclear assault known as the Desperadoes, the lion and the king. But we have a solution! Close to a year ago, a tournament was announced to crown new number one contenders to the tag team titles, and it was in that tournament that Drake and I came together, almost by accident!

    Drake: And this year, we are bringing it back! Starting in the end of October, will be the IWT Wild Card Tag Team Tournament! And 8 team tournament run in single elimination style, where the teams.....are randomly drawn!

    Midas: That's right! You don't come into this tournament with a pre-picked partner! The IWT Wild Card bot will draw your partner for you.

    Drake: And the winners get a guaranteed shot at our tag team titles, and if you can win an entire tournament with a random partner, you're ready to face us. More info to come.

    Midas: As for my European title. I was supposed to face the man known as Manik at Survivor Series, but he had to rain check due to a tragic family accident- we will mourn and miss your hamster Captain Crinkle my friend - and thus, I am without an opponent. But I am a genius so it didn't take me long to come up with a solution.

    At Survivor Series: I will host the first ever European Invitational, and this is a doozy since I am inviting two people! The first two competitors to enter the ring at Survivor Series, gets to face me, the king, the richest man in both currency, looks and wisdom. For my European title in a triple threat match! Do you have what it takes? All you need to do is be one of the two first in the ring come Survivor Series and you get to dance.

    Drake: That's all we have time for this week!

    Midas: Apologies to Chris Kaizer but we ran out of time! Maybe next week!

    *The house band plays the closing vignette as the screen turns black and the show logo shows up on top of the black backdrop.*
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