Storyline The King's Court - Survivor Series Edition

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  1. The ring is set up with a circular coffee table with six chairs set up around it and with Scandinavian Design mugs and cake plates decorating the table. Drake is walking around ringside dressed as a fancy, British butler, offering the crowd coffee from a tray. He isn’t taking getting a no so well tho, responding with “you want tea instead you nerd!?” before strutting away from a shocked mother in the crowd with all the swagger a butler outfit can offer. The lights finally dim and the theme of the King’s Court come on the air.

    Midas walks out dressed in a preppy sports coat, button up and chinos combo, basking in the adoration from the IWT mafia. He does the cheesy finger point to some sick kid in the crowd before rolling into the ring, grabbing a microphone and sitting down in his chair as Drake pours him a cup of coffee with milk.

    Midas: Welcome, to the first ever in ring edition of the King’s Court! which tonight is a special round table discussion on the upcoming team IWT vs team FSW match at Survivor Series!

    *crowd pop*

    Midas: So without further ado, let’s bring out my esteemed team members, the dysfunctional IWT family!

    Aiden’s theme comes on as he walks out on the ramp and heads towards the ring.

    Midas: First, please welcome back from an injury hiatus…. AIDEN RYAN!

    As Aiden gets in the ring Aids Johnson’s theme hits. The former IWT champion comes out to the ring, middle fingers high in the air and with a mixed reaction from the crowd, unsure how to react to their old hero.

    Midas: The man who single handedly made Wisconsin a wet state….AIDS JOHNSON!

    Aids slides into the ring as Jwab’s theme comes on the sound system and the Xtreme champion walks out, belt held high and camera crew following him to the ring to shoot a documentary on his daily affairs.

    Midas: The reigning Xtreme champion…. HOLLYWOOD JWAB!

    As Jwab gets in the ring, Marcus new theme comes on, scaring the pants off of the camera crew as Marcus walks out to a ….. Mild piri piri pop on the Nandos scale. He seems flustered that he isn’t getting a warmer reaction but he heads to the ring either way.

    Midas: The returning, former member of the order…..MARCUS ANTHONY!

    As Marcus enters and settles down it seems like the discussions are about to start…but….

    It’s the general manager! Trip in the head is in the building! Trip is dressed in a three piece suit and he stands on the ramp, looking down at his soldiers with a smirk on his face before he calmly walks down to the ring.

    Midas: And please welcome our final guest….The man who put this team together….TRIP IN THE HEAD!

    Trip gets into the ring, lets his eyes travel over his team and flashes another smile before sitting down in the last chair, and once he is sitting Midas begins speaking.

    Midas: Gentlemen, welcome. Now here’s the situation. Trip has selected the five of us to represent the company in the Survivor Series match against Alias Antonio’s team from FSW. All of us know what is expected of us at Survivor Series, to send the turncoats packing. But I don’t think we’re all on the same page. So I’ve called this war council so that we can get on that page. Mr. Trip, you put this squad together, you’re the Gordon Bombay to our Mighty Ducks. So please, give us that motivating speech.

    Trip: A motivating speech? You guys want a motivating speech? Fine! I’ll give you one! At Survivor Series, you five will go to war waving the IWT flag, and I expect you to take Dat Kid’s rag tag team of rebels and squash them. They are the rebels and you’re the empire that will put this little insurgence out. I want Dat Kid’s team completely destroyed, humiliated and made into fools. I want Dat Kid made into a fool; I want his experiment burned to the ground for the second time in as many years! I want…..

    Jwab: Yeah that is good and all. You want this, you want that. But this isn’t about you Trip, it’s about me and what I want. I’m obviously the star of this show and the star should get star treatment. So I want to take this opportunity to discuss my terms.

    Jwab pulls out a 3 page contract from somewhere and presents it to Trip.

    Jwab: In this you will find all my demands for taking part in this match. First off I want my own personal trailer…and bus! Secondly I want a Jacuzzi filled with sparkling mountain water so that I can relax after the match; I have to take care of my delicate skin after all…

    Trip: Are you serious!? You are already under contract to this company! You work for me! And you’ll do as I say or I will make life very uncomfortable for you. Remember my profession before wrestling? How many movie deals can you get with your face run through a meat grinder?

    Midas: Woah! I am sensing some tension here…So let’s move on! Aids, Marcus. Both of you returned to the IWT just recently, and this match will be Marcus in ring return. What are your opinions on this match?

    Aids: Bro! The champ is here! And when I have defended my title…..

    Midas: You don’t hold a belt, man.

    Aids: The Aids man is always champ, man! I’m the champ in this company whether people like it or not. I’ve got the mind of a champion…

    Jwab: And the body of a drunk.

    Aids: Hey! This body is a temple, pisspot! So you better watch your mouth before I clock you.

    Midas: Back on topic please! I’m trying to run a professional show here, I know that you aren’t always the most professional man, Aids, but please…

    Aids: Who are you calling unprofessional, bro!? Aids is the definition of a pro. But if I don’t like you I am going to just say it, I don’t mince words. And now that the Aidman is here, I am ready to bring HIV to FSW! All of you ****s seem to have grown some mighty big britches in my absence; I am just on this team to stop FSW so we can get back to business. Aids Johnson…Then…Now…FOREVER!

    Midas: I’m gonna get a headache…

    Aids: Got a problem with that boy? This company needs Aids goddammit!

    Midas: Except we’ve been doing just fine without you. Just like every time you walk out. This is why I called this meeting. Egos are getting in the way of the bigger picture! You’ve said that you are here to put a stop to FSW, but you just said it yourself, all you care about is Aids Johnson, then, now whenever or whatever. Your ego is so huge that we have to rent an extra trailer just for it when you are on the road. You don’t care about the IWT; you care about your spot in it.

    Aids: Why you little!

    Aids goes to launch at Midas, but he is caught by the scruff of his neck by Marcus, who pushes him into his chair.

    Marcus: I believe I was allowed to speak as well.

    Midas: Mrhm… yes, indeed. Marcus, what are your thoughts on this match?

    Marcus: I’m here because I want to hurt people. I wanted the IWT Mafia to accept me, but they shunned me, they turned their backs on me when I tried playing it their way. So I am not going to do that anymore. I am going to be a menace to the IWT, a fire burning throughout the entire company and only leaving ashes in its wake. And Survivor Series will be where I light that first flame.

    Aiden: Well that’s not creepy at all.

    Marcus: Silence whelp. As I said, Survivor Series will be where I establish the new Marcus, and I will do so on the corpse of FSW. And let’s face it, having a friend in a …. Prominent spot hasn’t exactly helped me out, but a spot on this team might catch his attention…

    Trip: I told you I have been busy! I don’t care if you’re grumpy over bad crowd reactions or whatever; just do what I pay you to do.

    Marcus: Or what old friend? Are you going to fight me? You haven’t been in a ring in ages, you’re rusty. I’d kill you if you tried.

    Trip: Why you….

    Midas shakes his head as yet another argument breaks out at the table. Aids is now arguing with Jwab as well, leaving only the so far mostly silent Aiden remotely calm.

    Midas: Well…this has gone to shambles quickly. You got anything to add to this mess Aiden?

    Aiden: Well… I just want to say that I should really be resting to rehab my injury still, but when Trip asked me I said yes, because I love this company. I love the IWT. I love working here, I love competing here and I even love the people here. Even though we all have our faults and quirks, it’s what makes wrestling and life itself wonderful! So I will defend this company. I will fight for this company, and bleed for this company…because I love the IWT god dammit! And my love for this company will make me survive this match!

    Everyone has gone silent at Aiden’s little speech, and the crowd is on their feet and applauding him. This goes on for nearly a minute before Aids finally cracks.

    Aids: Hah! Gay!

    This is the spark that sets of the fireworks, Aiden flies across the table and starts laying into Aids after the insult, and total cacophony breaks out in the ring! All five members start brawling in the ring. Trip tries to break it up but gets thrown out of the ring. Marcus and Jwab are going at it. Aiden is pushed up against the ropes by Aids and Midas has taken a chair to the back and is writhing on the ring mat before getting up and dropkicking Marcus in the face.

    Its complete chaos as Trip has security descend on the ring and force people apart. Curse words and insults are thrown freely as Trip is sitting on the ramp with his head in his hands. His team has come apart at the seams just before Survivor Series.​
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  2. Awesome segment, very well done.
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    OOC: Can I add to the end of it? I still need 'my team' to weigh in on the stipulation they think should get added to the eventual Trip vs Dat Kid match when we win. Same goes for team FSW @THG? . You guys can choose a stipulation for the rematch if your team wins - but I would like to get the possible stipulations out there before the match. That way people can reference it in the match.
  4. Dildo on a pole match.
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  5. make a follow up segment. Nothing wrong with multiple segments :otunga:
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  6. That's my guy! That's my emotional fucked up guy! -Claps wildly-
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