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  1. The vignette plays on the titantron as the IWT house show continues from its commercial break on the IWT Network. The announce team waits for the video to finish before announcing "Introducing IWT hall of famer, Aids Johnson!" as the crowd begins to boo as Aids walks out. He walks down the ramp, ignoring everything around him, before sliding into the ring and stopping in the center- holding up his microphone.

    Honestly, who does run the IWT? Trip is all but lost, JwabTV is as absent as our champion, and Jonathan claims he is no longer running this the question is, "who really does run the IWT?" Jesus weeps from his home in Jersey City, NJ. Farooq isn't facing Chris Kringle because Christmas is already over, and Joey Bryant won't even see this promotion until the next time he informs people that "he is going to make the IWT more active."

    So here I am, the highest paid member of the IWT, enjoying my per-appearance contract, coming out to once again cash checks because IWT staff refuses to allow me an opportunity. We have a collection of mid-carders keeping the company busy, as our backstage is filled with 2nd generation stars doing everything they claimed they were here to correct. Alias vs Bryant 4, because Aids vs VP was overbooked and boring, so we will change the names and see if that somehow corrects the problem.

    Is it ownership? Is it management? Does it even matter anymore. The time has come for IWT to step up, or lay down and wait for the newest train to "run over the business." Of course we will have to wait, as it is built, tested, processed, and set onto the tracks to see if it can even run far enough to succeed...Or will IWT run itself off the cliff before the competition even needs to complete a working product?

    Time will only tell, but I am here with this long winded pathetic excuse for a promo to read off a letter of intent. I, Aids Johnson, am here to ensure this company succeeds. I am willing and capable of ensuring success, and all I demand is a match with @Delik for the right to become the Owner/General Manager of this company. @Trip in the Head is buried, and our current GM is less hear of than Carl's Jr. So here is my resolution, face me, or allow the public to vote on what they or lose I am willing to do whatever it takes to ensure IWT succeeds, and a match that matters is what matters most. Give the people something new, something great, or continue doing what you've done for 24 months and give them the same old shit at a different venue, it's up to you.....for now.
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  2. im high as fuck but that was a sick vdieo promo
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  3. lmao that is @Dat Kid in the video.
  4. Which one is he? There's too many blacks in the video.
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  5. *two many.
  6. Nah, there's more. You can't see them because it's night time.:jeritroll:
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  7. You cheeky mother fucking scrub. I would come to Wisconsin, but I don't like being in irrelevant states.
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  8. That's count for the south too