Storyline The Last Chance at Redemption

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  1. The scene opens at an IWT house-show in Essex, England where there is a match between two hungry guys from developmental. Giving it their all in the match, one of the guys goes to the top turnbuckle and eyes his opponent. He leaps, but is caught by his foe in a Powerbomb lungblower which takes the other guy for the 1,2,3. It looks like the house show is over and people start to leave until the familiar song of IWT's British Apprentice brings everyone back to the seats.

    A black wheelchair rolls out with Reagan's fiancee Sarah behind the bars of the wheelchair and the man who the theme song belongs too. Reagan Cole is seen inside the wheelchair, clapping at the two future prospects who walk up the ramp and meet Reagan at the stage where Cole handshakes them both and shares a brief conversation with them both and it looks like it's good as both of the guys smile before walking to the back as well as Sarah and Reagan embrace in a kiss before they move down the ramp as Reagan high fives some of the people at ringside and they stop at the bottom of the ramp as Reagan raises the microphone.

    "Ladies and Gentleman, my name is Reagan Cole and as you can see, I'm not in the best shape of my life. There is a cast around my ankle and I haven't walked one step since the attack. All because of Ivy Hale. She's smart, she used the old distraction and attack from behind move. I don't know why I fell for it but I did. But here's the thing those two men who just had that amazing match, They have respect for each other and the crowd. She has none of that. She's evil and barbaric but so am I. This cast, is nothing compared to what I got on the streets and the fact that she thinks this is going to stop me is just plain stupid. Actually the fact that I can't do anything makes me angrier. The fact that I have to watch while my fiancee has do everything for me makes my blood boil. And the fact that I can't come into this ring and entertain fans like I have done time and time again makes me flat out mad. Ivy you think I'm a fool? You might be the biggest fool of them all because now I'm building all of my anger and frustration and at Summerslam. That is what you will get!"

    "Oh really? Am I really the fool here?"

    The voice of Ivy Hale echos through the arena, sparking a negative reaction from the fans. She walks slowly from behind the curtains to join her opponent on the stage. Wearing her usual black dress, microphone in hand, continuing to speak with her soft voice.

    "Do you know how satisfying is it to see you in this way? To see you crippled, unable to pursue your desires, that makes me just tingle with enjoyment. It's just fun to be able to be in control. Such as right now. I look over to you and I see this anger, building inside you, I know you feel it just by me being out here. I've been in your thoughts since that attack. Every time your ankle throbs, you remember I did that. I'm no fool for making you feel this because it is all part of the plan. If I was such a barbaric person like you say I am, there would be no reason behind what I do, but It's all done with purpose. I'm in control of what you fear and right now, whether you'd like to admit it or not..."

    She looks closely into Reagan's eyes and you can see fury is building inside of him as Sarah watches in discomfort.

    "What you fear is me!"

    She chuckles as Reagan swings his arm at her and she ducks it.

    "Don't push yourself now, haha."

    She smirks.

    "Told you. You like in fear. Don't continue to be delusional and deny it, Reagan. That's why, at Summerslam, I'll either force you to see the truth, or I'll make the rest of your life haunted by me. You wont get to poison the minds of these people with your fictional virtues like respect, and hard work. None of that really matters. You can have all the anger inside of you, but it won't make a difference at Summerslam. Because soon, my never ending nightmare will take it's grip on IWT..."

    She giggles and skips around Reagan Cole in his wheel chair, thinking she has got the better of this verbal exchange. A number of the fans are made uncomfortable and remain silent, thinking she has got inside the head of the soon to be retiring star. But, something happens. Reagan Cole snickers a bit. Ivy speaks into the microphone, at first not noticing his reaction.

    "There is nothing, NOTHING you can do to stop this from happening. Bound to a wheelchair, your mind is in disarray, and your are nothing bu..."

    She finally notices the change in composure from Reagan Cole. This infuriates her as she begins to yell.

    "What are you laughing at?! How dare you laugh at me?! You have the death of your career and everything as you know it right in front of you...and you laugh like a schoolboy? Insulting! What is it to stop me from ending you right?You're weak, pathetic, immobile. It would be so easy. In front of your hometown, in front of your family, friends, and fiancee, this would be just the perfect place to put you away once and for all! What's stopping me?"

    Reagan is now chuckling to himself and Sarah is also starting to laugh a bit over the top and Ivy takes offence to this and starts to square off with Reagan's fiancee but Reagan hardly notices as he raises his microphone and he speaks to Sarah.

    "I told you, she was foolish."

    Reagan suddenly stands with no resistance and he now has something in his other hand, the steel baseball bat that he has used to take out many people in his past like Edward Coleman & Aiden Ryan. He stands face to face with Ivy, ready to go. And Sarah surprisingly looks like she's also up for the fight and it all looks like there's going to be a all-out brawl but Ivy suddenly turns around and simply backs away and mutters to herself...

    "You're in luck...I'll save you for Summerslam..."

    Having got the better of the exchange, Reagan Cole yells into his microphone.

    "Fine, because at Summerslam I end my IWT career on top! And I will end you doing so!"

    Ivy stares at Reagan as she walks backstage and Reagan and Sarah celebrate with a embrace to end the house show and the segment.

    Credit for their lines of dialogue. (open)