Storyline The Last Pitstop before 'Mania

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    Knight is in his locker room, getting ready for his match when the camera crew knocks on the door. Knight opens it and lets the camera crew inside, knowing they want to interview him. Knight is wearing a New, Unrevealed Bruce Knight shirt and his wrestling gear on as well.

    Knight: Are we that close already? This is the last Uprising before the Grand Finale, The Season Finale, the Event we've been waiting for, The Event I've been waiting for. Ever since I won the Royal Rumble, I've been waiting for IWT-Mania, I see it as a chance to show that I can become a Main Event Star just like Aids Johnson and Joey Bryant, an Opportunity to show those who doubt me what I can truly do. Joey Bryant, I go into this match as the Underdog, a Man who, before the rumble, was just an X-Division star. I was a Nobody, a man no one would care about...until The Rumble came along. Now, Many would laugh at me, Doubt me, say that I am not worthy of a Title shot but I do not care for what they think, I only care about proving to you and everyone in IWT that Bruce Knight has what it takes to be a big star in IWT. I have the Motivation, The Spirit and Determination that any star would need and Joey, I am have my sights set on you...and only you. I see Unknown as the Last Roadblock, the Last man blocking my path to IWT-Mania and I will defeat him, I will show IWT what is in store for Joey Bryant at IWT-Mania.

    Bryant, My Road ends with our match at 'Mania but I will make sure that this will not be the last time I main event a PPV, I will prove to everyone that I am worthy of a Main Event Spot and that I deserve Respect. At IWT-Mania, I will not Hold Back, I will continue to Attack, Continue to Strike you down until one of us comes out as the Victor.

    The Camera Crew finish up as they leave Knight's Locker room, Leaving Knight to prepare for his match.
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  2. Great Promo, but Aids is my name, no 's son. I'm not Aid Johnson.
  3. I keep forgetting that....
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  4. *The Dazzler watches the promo from his locker room.*

    Dazzler: That should be me, damn it!
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  5. Brian Sitting watching, "Godammit I wish I was Joey so I can face jobbers like this at Mania!"
  6. Just have a Brain Mandela vs Brian Mandela match if you want to face a jobber.
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  7. Okay.....Aids can you make it?