The Legend searches for a challenge

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  1. As the IWT house show comes back from commercial break, the lights dim, as Blue and Gold lighting searchlights move around the arena. The announcer puts up her mic, saying "Ladies and Gentlemen, your IWT champion...Aids Johnson!

    Aids walks out wearing his wrestling gear, with an old school nWo Wolfpac shirt, wearing sunglasses indoors. He walks out to a huge pop, before running down to the ring, and heading to the two corners he normally does. Aids walks to the center of the ring, and takes the announcers mic, standing close by.

    I'm gonna make this simple. I could talk about my issues, tell everyone how big the slammys are, before promoting my match at the Royal Rumble. Who will Aids face? There is too much talent running to the front of the line to tell, but with every heart beat, i grow just a little stronger. At the royal rumble, i'm gonna get my Go-han, children.

    BUT TONIGHT! *aids says, beginning to pace* Tonight i'm looking for a fight. Non title, a match that people will talk about for weeks to come, even if it's only because my opponent will remind them. Come out and let's give these people their money's worth.

    *Aids hands the mic back, and begins stretching, doing idiot handstands and rey mysterio 2nd rope bounces to entertain the crowd as he waits.
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  2. OOC: Sweet promo, even better theme. [​IMG]
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  3. *When You're Evil by Voltaire hits the speakers and the crowd pop immensely. Alias walks out and lifts his arms up, with a big smile on his expression. He has a mic in hand, prepared to speak as the crowd simmer down.*

    You miss me Champ!? Hahahahahaha.
    I laid out an open challenge not long ago, and I was expecting you to come out, but I was left disappointed. Hey, no offence Nick. How you doing at the asylum bro!?

    This moment has been meaning to transpire for a while now, hasn't it? Alias vs. Aids part two? I don't care if this is a dark match, I'm just ready to prove that my first win was no fluke. I'm ready to go baby.

    *Alias continues smiling as he glares over at Aids*
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  4. Aids looks at Alias, smiling back.

    This will make for a 2nd Cure DVD. Hell, i might even give you more screentime the next time around. I'll have Jonathan make the match, and this time you won't get the Mickey Mouse version of the Champ.

    *Aids walks toward Alias, Holding his IWT title up as the crowd cheers loudly.
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  5. *Alias stares directly towards Aids' eyes*

    You better bring your best, or IWT will have to hear me bragging about how I've beaten you twice for another long period of time. And trust me, when I beat you again, that title will be mine in a blink of an eye.
  6. Aids Laughs, and without putting the mic up just says clearly "Get in line son," you aren't the first to beat me, and you won't be the last. NO ONE takes this belt off my waist! NO ONE!" as he holds it up again, while the crowd chants for both stars.
  7. *Alias plays Aids' game, and commences to laugh as well*

    Well that "NO ONE" musn't include me, because I'm at my mental and physical best, and you can only imagine the havoc I'll cause when I'm at my best.
  8. *marks*
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