The Leo Taylor Experience Podcast Episode 1.

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  1. The Podcast opens up with a song playing in the background, this time it's "Space Oddity" by David Bowie. Then, Leo Taylor's voice begins to speak as the song begins to cut out.

    "Hello listeners of all genders, ages and Sizes, Welcome to the Leo Taylor Experience and I am your host, Leo Taylor...Who Else did you expect, my name's in the title!. Anyway, Today, Me and my Guest are live in my hotel room, my equipment is set up all around this table and my Guest is on the other side of the table, ready to answer all questions I might throw out to him. Now, Who is my Guest today, You may ask? Well, My Guest is a former IWT Intercontinental Champion, A Former Tag Team Champion and the man who brought back the European Title to IWT as well as being a former member of the cure and current member of S.I.N...Please Welcome My Guest, Lord Lee!"

    Leo takes a pause to allow Lee time to talk.

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  2. Lee: Wassup my homie? Me personally, I've been slamming hoops at the park with my brothas from anotha mother and planning on making a 'white rap' album... You'd love it my hippie type wigga...

    So...What's the podcast gameplan broski?
  3. "Well...My "Homie", I'm not much of a rap man but Hey, I'll give it a listen, It can't be worse then the FTJ Album that came out last Christmas. Anyway, I have some...Questions to ask you about You and Your Career in Wrestling...So, To get this whole podcast up and running...My First Question is this:

    What was your main reason for entering the Wrestling Business and What company did you make your professional debut in?"
  4. I used to be a pimp daddy pornstar in the past years of my adult life, but it got to the point where I did what I had to do, make millions, make the lives of those other pornstars that bit better and prove to these bitter oldies that porn can help just as much it 'hurts the kiddies'.

    Then I decided I would use my dench MMA skills in a new and exciting World known as MachinimaPalooza Entertainment Wrestling Association where some wealthy southern lad offered me dollars fer dayz to be a leading star there, so naturally I accepted. When the company went bust... I still had the taste for that Wrestling ice-cream and decided to get myself a scoop in IWT where I still kick asses and then shag lasses when it's allllll said and done. Word.
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  5. "So, I guess we have some backstory into how the 'Ben Dover' Character came around when you were still using the name but now, Let's expand on the MPEWA point, Who were the main guys in the company, besides you, What kind of achievements did you well, Achieve over there and Are there any interesting stories you have to share with the people listening from MPEWA?

    I'm sure that those who haven't looked into MPEWA's history at this point would like to know more about a rookie Lord Lee, So Why don't you give some insight seeing as you were a competitor there."
  6. You had some guy I'm sure no-one these days will know called Antonio *Cough cough* and a dude who was extremely reserved, don't remember his name. At the end of the day, my only nostalgia for MPEWA was being the king of tag teams in that establishment, I was the first and only champion, holding it with two different partners. My only 'interesting story' on that crazy old joint was how crazy the boss was...He was some southern hick, who was too wealthy to be a hill billy but to blunt and scattily aggressive to be 'posh'. When the dencharoonies weren't so dench for mr.anderson, the boss, he just drove and left it, didn't even sell off that set-up to recoup some monayyyz, just left to go bankrupt.

    MPEWA was a dench place, but too dench, dench to the point it's hype could never be retrieved and that vexxed the boss and made him rage quit like a boogidy boogidy bitch!
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  7. "Well, Sounds like your boss wasn't very dedicated to that place, kinda left you folks out to die in a desert...

    Anyway, Now that we know about your MPEWA work and backstory of the joint...How did you end up finding IWT? Was it by them contacting you or did you tag along with a couple of old friends from MPEWA for the ride?

    Also, Aside from your IWT and PWGP, Are there any other promotions out there that you've competed for or would like to compete for in?"
  8. Well, one day, Jwab, a development worker at MPEWA, contacted me of this DENCH place called IWT and asked if I wanted to cure cancer, as a guy who likes to help people, curing cancer didn't sound half bad.

    As for other promotions...FAW and ICW really, ICW was a casual thing I did, browse the place, pick up it's World title and give the mugs who came to see what an actual legit playa is! FAW was just an impulse though, saw an ad for it, looked tasty so I accepted, all there is to it.

    Currently don't have any specific e-feds on my radar but if the right offer comes with the right scheduling and the right contractual deals then mayyyybeeee this Wigga over here will give them a dealio!
  9. "Well, Lord Lee, I have my final set of questions here for you and I'm hoping for answers as interesting as what you've already given us, So Let's get into the final set of questions...

    Which IWT Star do you think will become a IWT Champion in the future?
    What are your top three matches to date in IWT?
    What were your favourite matches to watch from Backstage in IWT?
    And my Final Question is...Any Stories from backstage?"

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  10. "Well, It seems like our friend, Lord Lee, has left before asking my questions, So It's time to end the show but I'll be back next month with a new IWT Superstar to interview and new questions and answers to give to your guys...

    This has been Leo Taylor and The Experience is now Over until next month!"