Storyline The Light

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  1. *All is quiet in the IWT arena as the tag team matches come to a pause. Just then, green pyro erupts all throughout the arena and the crowd bursts with cheers. Music begins to play...*

    *The crowd pops again as the music continues to play for about 40 seconds but Joey doesn't walk out. All of a sudden, we see him on the titantron.*


    *The crowd cheers and Joey turns and realizes the cameraman is behind him. He runs his hands through his hair with frustration before letting out a brief chuckle.*

    "I guess that's the fuckin way she goes. You take a small hiatus from the company you made relevant and they lock you out of the damn building until I'm officially ready to compete again."

    *He laughs again.*

    "I'm ready to compete alright. Your true IWT Champion is BACK and it's a shame you all had to see me like this instead of in that ring. But over the last few weeks the entire wrestling business has fallen flat. It seems like everyone has gave up since Gav stole the IWT Championship. Activity has simply been slow and that's not the way I like it. But it was foretold in the destiny of Gav being champion, I predicted it down to the last detail. I stated that the moment Gav becomes IWT Champion is when everyone stops figthing for that prize. When people climb for an IWT Championship match, they climb not just for the gold, but for the attention and the hype that comes with main eventing a major show, like Wrestlemania 2 here. While I main evented, Gav was at the bottom of the card probably attempting to be carried to the top by B.Dazzle. But there is a light at the end of every tunnel..."

    *He pauses and paces back and forth for a few moments.*

    "It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. It goes for myself, it goes for IWT. But in order for the light to shine bright, darkness must be present. And that darkness is FSW and many other things but I'm above the FSW vs IWT war. If IWT doesn't want me fighting for it's team, fine. There's a bigger part I have to play in this. See, when I win my IWT Championship back, the light comes back into the IWT. Even if IWT loses at Survivor Series, when I'm IWT Champion again FSW doesn't even stand a chance. No matter what poster boy they pull out of their ass, I will always be better than that man. Even Alias Antonio, probably the only respected guy they got."

    *He takes a step closer to the camera and stares right into it.*

    "I am starting a little... a little hellfire you could call it. And everyday I train, I am simply adding more fuel. And at just the right moment...I light the match. And as it goes, when you can't make them see the light, you make them feel the heat."

    *He smirks before walking out of camera view as the crowd cheers and the scene fades.*
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  2. Damn, son. One of your best promos, imo at least.
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  3. Ooc looking forward to this match so much. Gav the champ vs joey iwt.
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