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  1. *The lights slowly start to transition into a shade of orange, and two towers of white smoke emerge by the entrance way. The sound of a lion roaring plays over the arena's P.A system and Andrew's theme subsequently follows it.*

    *Andrew emerges onto the stage at the 0:24 mark and shadow boxes in-between the smoke towers. He's wearing a blue Polo V-neck which blue shades hang from, cargo shorts, beige boat shoes, and the title rests on his shoulder. He holds up his championship and proceeds to loiter on down to the ring. Andrew poses on the top turnbuckle with title held high before retrieving a microphone.*
    I assume that all of you watched the Night of Champions PPV on the IWT Network, but if you were too cheap to pay the low price of $9.99 let me fill you in on what happened. The Desperadoes went head to head with the power stable known as the bWo, and we came out the victors! That was to be expected though. BUT! But, they showed their true colors by acting out as sore losers. They tried to take advantage of us, but you can never count us out. Our partner, the lovable, thuggish Lee- who makes up Sin, came down to even the odds. The bWo took off with their tails tucked between their legs...but I doubt that that was the last we seen of them.

    *Andrew advances to the nearest corner, climbs it, and sits on the top.*

    However, let's get on to the more important matters. Ever since Night of Champions I've had nothing to do. So, "what would a wrestler do?" I asked myself. That's when I decided to go to the gym. I worked out nonstop and it felt great. I must have done literally a thousand steps on the elliptical. My legs are feeling so toned right now that I could squash a watermelon between them. It's like I'm Calfzilla from that one company, but from a respectable town. And don't even get me started on my abs.

    *Andrew hops off of the turnbuckle and heads to the center of the ring. He slowly lifts up his shirt and seductively rubs his chest.*

    Bros, do you even lift? You wish you looked like this. This is pure profit just like my partner, Midas says. You have to pay to see something like this gorgeous specimen right here because all the money in the world can't buy you a bod as well as mine.

    I'm a fucking wrestling machine, and I'm hungry. I'm like the king of the jungle, and I'm just waiting to pounce on my prey. That's it, that's it! I'm a lion...and you will address me as Drake 'De León' Wolfe from here on out. Eh? Ehhhh? Well it works for me, so get used to it. And it's about time that I claw my way back to the top of the food chain.

    *A fan in the crowd yells "You were never number one faggot!". The newly named Drake slowly turns to look at the fan.*

    What!? Shut up you tub of lard looking motherfucker! You skinny ass string bean! Turn around and say it again! Turn around and say it again! Yeah, that's what I thought fatass!

    Anyways, like I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted. It's about time I make my way to the top of the food chain where I belong. And you will see me there, or my name isn't Drake!

    *This time a group of fans say in unison 'It's not!".*

    Ugh, whatever! Before I get interrupted by you cretins again I'm just going to let it be known that whoever steps in the ring with me will be entering the lion's den, and they will be eaten alive!

    *Drake drops his microphone. He leans back and lets out a roar; the crowd responds negatively. Drake smirks at the jeers he's receiving and exits the ring as his theme resumes.*

    OOC: Just a small promo to introduce my character change
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  2. Chip: *snicker* where's the witch and the wardrobe or sumthin*?
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  3. You stole Joey's old theme bruh hahah.
  4. Who suggested it to you though?:otunga:
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  5. Awesome!
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  6. Fuck that's right.
  7. Good stuff, bro. Look forward to more stuff.
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  8. Actually, I just changed it in case you ever want to go back to it.:bodallas:
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