THE LIST BRO With a Pornstar

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  1. :awyeah:


  2. Solid gold! Even penguin face couldn't ruin it
  3. :lol1: This is 24-karat gold, poor Val!

    @GrammarNazi82 @AidsJohnson
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  4. They talk about porn, but she isn't into ryan? That bitch is homely.
  5. :lol1: Greatness! Ew....ew.... Poor Val. :haha:
  6. So much more views when I wrote the "pornstar" in the title.

    :awyeah: Mission accomplished.
  7. So true, imagine if you'd have put Joey Ryan... We'd all be too busy fapping to his shoptna commercial to open this thread.
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  8. Come on, we all thought it was Velvet, didn't we?

    Replacing the hottie with a stripper gimmick with Joey in a porn star thread and still enjoying it this much just shows what kinda people we really are. :gusta:
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  9. Aw yeah! :woo1:

    Great combo in the video..

    Val ain't that bad... :obama: Dat voice..:gusta:
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. I'll be Kaz, you can be Roode :gusta:
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  12. Reported for pornography, requesting move to legends section.
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  13. :silva:

    My bad, my bad..
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  14. [​IMG]

    I wanna star in Ryan's new porn shoot.
  15. I need to take a suspiciously long shower now.
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