Storyline The little lamb to the Slaughter

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  1. ~Thunder strikes and the arena goes to black~

    ~A man slowly walks out with a hoodie over his head, before throwing it down to reveal a ghostly face of Alkatrz~

    At IWTMania I beat Joey Bryant. No. I killed him. No.
    He killed himself.
    AS the warrior he is, he committed the ultimate act of dishonor. He was no longer a IWT legend. I robbed him off that. And with his defeat left a void in IWT.

    I have obtained Joey Bryant's soul. I have his power, his presence now. He was crucial in my plan. Now I am Joey Bryant. I am the Evil Joey Bryant. This IWT Legend is coming back for more titles, more awards, and more pain.

    Shit just got reallll people..
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