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  1. I thought both Orton and Cena cut some sick promos. Kind of annoyed that the crowd - which appeared to be epic all night - chanted boring at Randy Orton though because I thought it was one of his best ones I've seen in a long long time. Cena saved it, even though he used Bryan as a tool for that with one of the best promos I've seen from him as well. Even if it was his typical shit it was decent for the feud itself.

    The clusterfuck that happened in the end was good as Punk/HHH ignited, and Bryan got revenge on Shawn, but does the ending mean anything? Cena standing tall beside The Authority while Randy Orton was laid flat by HHH's pedigree?

  2. I marked out hard, when Bryan and Punk got in abit of the action. Personally I'd be all up for a DX vs Best and Beard Feud.
  3. I loved how the very end was about HHH. I'm pretty sure that indicates he's winning the belt.
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  4. I definitely would prefer Triple H winning than Orton, or Cena winning.

    Honestly though, I think they're still gonna go through with both Cena, and Orton getting their opposing titles. If that doesn't happen then I could see Orton winning in some tainted way, I'd actually prefer if Cena won though.
  5. I still see Orton winning. It's obvious though that Bryan is gonna be part of the storyline again, and Punk is going to be part of it too. I'm just glad that the belts are finally gonna get unified, so we won't have to deal with two world titles anymore.
  6. I thought it was a fucking mess. Cluster fuck of finishers, illogically played out. They burned through weeks of storyline in the space of 20 minutes. Ergh, just hated it.
  7. My favourite segment in months, Was very entertaining. It makes this match seem like as they are calling it the biggest match of all time, everything worked and made sense and has built up some nice things, I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove heel HBK to death, If they went with Bryan Vs HBK I would just mark the fuck out. The ending sort of teased a Cena/Authority which wont happen but may have the Authority try and recruit Cena etc. Cena put over Bryan and basically confirmed Bryan/Cena 2 :yay:
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  8. I don't see Triple H crowning himself the new Unified Champion on Sunday. I could see how it might work (maybe something like Cena and Orton both being at the top of the ladder fighting to grab hold of the gold, and then HHH comes out and tips the ladder over and sends them both flying over the top rope and crashing through a table on the outside, then he climbs the ladder himself and pulls down both championships and declares himself the Unified Champion) but I don't see HHH stepping back into the ring before Mania and they can't not have the title defended at the next two PPVs. Plus, where does it leave Orton as a heel? And who fights who at Mania? I've been assuming that out of Orton, Bryan, Punk and Cena, one guy would face off with Triple H and the other three would contest for the WWE Title in a triple threat match (although the chance of HBK coming back to wrestle Bryan throws a monkey wrench into those possibilities as well.) That wouldn't happen if HHH walks into Mania as the champ.

    I will say that it would be a good ending that will definitely get people talking and tuning into Raw. I just don't see it happening.

    Most likely, Orton will simply prove his worth to The Authority (after upsetting them with the Stephanie bump last night) by defeating Cena cleanly, and all dissension between them will be dissolved and all will be right in the world. I can even see Stephanie (and perhaps Triple H) telling Orton that upon closer examination, it was Bryan who was at fault for her fall on Raw and not Orton (it WAS Bryan who shoved Orton into Stephanie, albeit unintentionally, to avoid being RKO'ed.)
  9. You think the most likely scenario is Orton going over Cena cleanly?
  10. The most likely scenario is Orton winning, but him picking up a clean victory over Cena wouldn't surprise me. Reports say that one advantage of WWE deciding to book the unification match between the two at TLC is that Cena wouldn't have to take a pinfall or submission to lose since it's a ladder match. He lost to Sheamus cleanly four years ago in a Tables match. On the flipside, let us not forget that Orton defeated both Cena and Triple H cleanly at Wrestlemania 24.

    I know Orton has needed cheap tactics to retain the title since he turned heel and became champ again, but again, it's a ladder match. Plus, after Cena's promo against Orton last night and after Orton pissing off The Authority by knocking Stephanie to the ground (which likely makes Orton think he's on the verge of being replaced or dumped in favor of Cena), I could see it lighting a fire underneath Orton and causing him to bring his very best A Game and managing to defeat Cena without needed assistance as a way of showing them that he's still 'what's best for business.'

    Of course, if HHH/Cena is in the books for Mania, then HHH could cost Cena the match as a way of building towards that, but I doubt that it is.
  11. I'm guessing HHH has the WWE title going into wrestlemania and Bryan wins the Rumble to face him. But I have no idea, it seems the title picture changes every week.
  12. I loved it both ways, and Orton getting so much hate is perfect for him, as his promo was far from boring. He just takes too long in comparison to some people, thinking and pausing to give it time to let thing's sink in. DB chants were amazing, it was awesome to see a crowd that seriously loud....I haven't seen a crowd pop like that for quite a while, they were just amazing all night.

    The ending was amazing, I absolutely loved CM vs HHH and how it's getting setup, and the pedigree to Orton to me solidifies him winning the title and being an out lire to the corporation, the entire thing was just amazing. Even punk laughing at Stephanie Mcmahon talking about her 13 time champ husband (to be fair he's easily one of the best ever, and i mark for how they get people to hate on him for his accomplishments standing in the same ring as Foley and Hart) and does anyone else think it's weird Foley was next to Ziggler? He was buried in that crowd, and it must have been in fear of the Foley chants.

    Both promo's were great, and Cena has just been on point and then some lately. I really am looking forward to TLC after watching RAW tonight.
  13. He already did the night after Hell in a Cell.
    The ending segment was the best in months, but still has me siding with Orton to win both championships.
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  14. Loved the fans going wild for Bryan and the end has me even more convinced that somehow HHH is becoming unified champion leading to the Bryan vs HHH showdown.
  15. lol I couldn't disagree more. If Orton loses, he would get buried by the authority, which is why i have to assume Orton wins, and Cena stays face while the authority claims him as their shiny savior.
  16. Cenas promo was awesome touching the boundaries between kayfabe and reality perfectly. DAMN!
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  17. Just rewatched it man Cena sounds like he has the same issues as us. Actually buzzed of that promo big time awesome stuff.
  18. I wasn't at all annoyed at the crowd. I have no problem with them voicing their displeasure at seeing Randy Orton vs John Cena in a main event in 2013.

    The segment itself was awesome though. Both guys gave us decent promos - I was surprised Orton managed to deal with the chants as well as he did. Cena's use of Bryan was annoying, but understandable given that the crowd would have completely ruined his promo otherwise. Still, I have very little interest in that particular match and its outcome on Sunday, I'm far more interested in the other happenings in that segment.
  19. It's mad that the biggest pops were for Bryan, Punk and Hbk during the end debacle.. If they had any sense it'd be a 4way between Cena,Orton, Punk and Bryan.. And just have the Shield have the Wyatts.. Simples. I suppose therein lies the proof that it will be a 'swerve' finish.
    If Triple H wins it, I'll be livid.
    Wouldn't write it off though.. Wasn't he just appointed head of creative?
  20. This was gold from minute one, when Stephanie really started talking about how Triple H was the greatest champion of all time and CM Punk lost his shit in the background. Marked... then marked again for the massive roars of Daniel Bryan chants. I assume they knew those were going to happen this week... so the production team played off of that. WWE ACKNOWLEDGED the fans chanting for Bryan and put the camera on him instead of just trying to half-assedly cover it up like they have so many times before. (Listen to the crowd, lets go Sheamus!) I appreciate that.

    The promos themselves were really, really good. Orton had his best promo in a while, and Cena's promo was unbelievable. It felt like he knew + called an audible and completely went off script because the crowd was taking over the segment. That's good, that's exactly what we need more of in WWE. Applause for that, but when he started bringing up backstage issues with Orton "never living up to his potential" and "being lazy and complacent", not only do we just have too many worked shoots in wrestling, but... Randy Orton's a 10 time champion and has been one of the biggest stars in the company for the past few years. In kayfabe, this just didn't make sense no matter what we think. But his promo was intense, firey, awesome, the guy probably sold a whole bunch of PPV's off his anger and rage alone.

    Above all else, there was a bright shining light of them finally starting to get it. Cena said towards the end that he was the one who put over Punk and Bryan, and they got the job done (all true) and that he wanted to give Bryan another title shot after being screwed over so many times... you may say nothing would stop the Authority from screwing him over again, but for the purposes of this match, him putting over Bryan and Punk was the #1 thing Cena should be doing to make the fans get behind him. All I could think after that was that I couldn't wait for Cena to win the belt... yeah, you read that right.

    Then they set up Punk vs HHH and Michaels vs Bryan in a way that made me not be able to stay seated, and surely there's plenty of people who'd be interested in that. Great, great stuff. Probably the best segment all year.
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