Storyline The Man of Many Gimmicks

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  1. A Video opens up at a church, located somewhere in Mexico. The music begins to play as it zooms in on a monk wearing a Luchadore mask, concealing his face from the camera. He stops praying at the Altar and gets up, walking towards the door with Orphans and fellow Monks giving him their thanks before he leaves, taking with him a trunk, a sombrero, a Guitar and a Van. He gets in the van and drives off, the Camera cutting to shots of him participating in Lucha Libre and Traditional Style matches before the Van crosses the border. It continues down the road as the man takes his mask off and throws it in the back of the van as the video transitions yet again to California, to which the man gets out of the van once he arrives at an apartment and carries the trunk to his place. He opens the trunk up to see a bunch of costumes, items and attires before the camera turns to the man in question to reveal Leo Taylor, who smiles as he picks up a Replica Comic Book mask and a Long Stripped Scarf before facing the camera and Speaking:

    "I'm Back, Baby...and I've brought my Arsenal, the costumes, the items...everything I need to get my Hype Train back on the tracks. I have fought against Evil, I have fought against all that threatened the people who would watch me in a small little promotion called Showtime in America, I have learned the ways of Lucha Libre in Mexico....

    And I'm here to bring the Hadouken Hype Train to IWT...regardless of whom I face be it the man who defeated me the last I was here, Hollywood Jwab or be it a rookie whom I have never met before....Because my secret weapon is one which can't be countered...and that's because....

    I'm Unpredictable, Baby!"

    The Video comes to an end with Leo Taylor holding aloft a sword that he found within the trunk in a heroic pose.
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