Storyline The man with the money speaks and issues a challenge

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  1. Money falls from the ceiling one more time as one half of the tag champs come out on the stage. Having changed into a nice blue dress shirt and black slacks he confidently walks down the ramp with his title resting on his shoulder. He grabs a microphone and saunters into the center of the ring. He gestures to the stagehand and the lights go out....until one lone gold colored spotlight shines down on him.

    Do I have your attention now? I have two points to talk with you about so IWT fans: Lend me your ears! Earlier in the night you saw me, the moneymaker and the ultimate athlete, collectively known as your tag team champions put a farce to an end. The idea that the joke known as the Kumbi club could step up to us sickens me and I am sure that it sickens all of you. Andrew and I hold these belts not to kill the tag team division, but to revive it. And it is a shame that our esteemed general manager and his blow up doll thinks that it is a shame to make people compete in it, like it is a demotion. When in fact it's an honor. This is where stars are made.

    Tonight I once again proved what I have been saying since my birth. I make money. Whenever I speak, whenever I wrestle, whenever I breath I make money. I turn a profit when I wake up in the morning. I did not blow hot air when I compared myself to King Midas in our match earlier. I have that golden touch. And it is only fitting that I carry a name that fits. Spinzz has served me well. It is an armor that has brought me much in this business, but it is time to retire it and focus on the future. And my future is golden....From now on you can call me.... Midas!

    The crowd cheers as the rechristened tag champ moves to speak again.

    Now onto my second point. Since the formation of SIN. We have been looking to change the business, to grab it by the balls and pull it in a new direction. So I am out here with an opportunity from myself, Andrew and Frie. At the next Uprising. We want to show of the power of Strength In Numbers, and we want to do that with a classic six man tag match. So we are looking for 3 brave souls to step up against the 3 of us.

    In short. 3 of the IWT locker room, versus the 3 of SIN at the next Uprising. Who has the balls?

    This is your time to step up boyos in the back. I can't promise you victory though, after all....
    I'm not a prophet...just profit!
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  2. *Trip is shown at his desk in his in his office watching the promo with a puzzled look on his face*
    TRIP: I don't think its a "shame" to compete in the tag division. Or that its a demotion. What is Spin....I mean "Midas" even talking about? Did he forget that I came up in the tag division? Maybe he should try to revive the division by getting some more teams to form to face him and his re-branded partner. Everything he touches turns to gold, HA. How tacky. *Trip chuckles* Doesn't look like people are chomping at the bit for this challenge though. Maybe the new team of Pain and Aiden Ryan could be on the horizon for these guys though.........

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