Storyline The Martyr Returns

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  1. *The lights in the arena all turn dark green to the point where it’s almost impossible to see the ring. All of a sudden, the lights turn to a lighter green and the crowd erupts when they see a man in a cloak with his hood up standing in the center of the ring with his hood covering his entire face. You see nothing but his white hands and the mic in them. He raises the mic to his face and the mystery man begins to speak.*

    “3 times. 3 times the IWT Championship was defended successfully this summer. The tally count just kept getting higher and higher…”

    *The crowd cheers knowing the man with the deep voice is referencing Joey Bryant.*

    “3 names. Farooq. Alias Antonio. Christopher Kaizer. All 3 men are top players in this company, all 3 men failed.”

    *He pauses and holds up the number 3 with his fingers.*

    “3. What it takes to become a 3x IWT Champion. Many superstars dream about becoming IWT Champion just once… while one man has his open opportunity at becoming a 3 time champion. To those who have stuck around since the very beginning, we are strong. We’ve been on a journey. We’ve been betrayed. We’ve been at the top of the ladder for as long as any of us can remember. We are strong. No one can tell us we’re wrong. 3 weeks. In 3 weeks a man who defended against 3 men will become a 3 time IWT Champion.”

    “The martyr.”

    *The music begins to play with the crowd cheering. The entire intro plays, and then at 38 seconds of the song, former IWT Champion Joey Bryant walks out onto the stage also in a cloak, but his hood is not up. He has his arms spread out wide and he looks up toward the ceiling as he stands on top of the stage while the music blasts. He holds up a hand eventually and the music and the crowd both get silent. Joey speaks.*

    “I am the greatest IWT Champion of all time. I defeated Chris Kaizer, I should be standing here as IWT Champion……..”

    *He pauses and closes his eyes and takes a deep breath and then smirks.*

    “Gav doesn’t know what’s about to hit him. Die for the martyr, live to win another day.”

    *The music blasts again right at the bass drop and the crowd cheers loud as the green lights once again dim to a dark green until nothing is visible.*
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  2. but but you're already a 3 time champion bubba
  3. IWT Championship wise, I won it from Aids and Bruce Knight. So that's 2, I'm only focussing on that.
  4. nah i'm saying since kid ruled me the winner in our match at first, jono said you were the new iwt champ when public voting finished and voted you as the winner.
  5. Nahhh no way I'm countin that as my third.
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  6. i know i'm counting that as my first reign tho :bitw:
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  7. You won it from the 5 competitors in the EC. This has to still be the longest reigning championship of all time, excited to see Gav vs DK James, that eclipse is inevitable buddy, will it be this next ppv?
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  8. Alias the Jock?
  9. Yea bro it's happenin.
  10. Im excited to see it tbh, i dont think people are giving gav enough credit. It won't be easy, if you win i'm going to be juiced because it's not a given, you'll have earned it.

    Either way i'm glad to know you're the one i'm going to be welcoming into the 3x champ club...sooner or later.
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  11. Of course