Storyline The Martyr's Revival

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  1. *The IWT crowd is in high anticipation after the events that took place at IWT Survival. A familiar theme begins to play throughout the arena.*

    *The crowd pops loud for the 3x champ and now hall of famer, Joey Bryant, as he has showed up unannounced. He runs out onto the stage at 0:14 seconds of the theme to another pop. He slaps his chest and points to the fans as he stands at the top of the ramp for a few seconds. He makes his way to the ring and grabs a mic from ringside. He stands up on one of the turnbuckles and raises his arm to another pop. His music eventually fades and he's standing in the middle of the ring soaking in the cheers. The cheers die a bit and Joey raises the mic.*

    "Been a while since I've been in the IWT arena so this definitely feels great and I appreciate the warm welcome. Last time you all saw me I was getting inducted into the IWT Hall of Fame and ---"

    *The crowd cheers loud and Joey pauses and smirks.*

    "Yeeeeaaaa that was a good time but there's no better time to be had than when I'm standing in the middle of an IWT ring. There's something about it that I miss immensly. I honestly couldn't tell you a good reason why I'm still not in this ring every week other than I want to let this new crowd of talent shine. I helped shine the spotlight on a second generation of IWT talent just a couple years ago, whether they want to admit it or not, Joey Bryant made this company a better place. I'm not even trying to stroke my own ego, but I was the first "nobody" to step out of the shadows and climb to the top faster than anyone ever has. During my reign at the top, I gave matches to those that deserved the oppurtunities and I shined a light on the guys that craved the attention. Recently, there's a new brand of IWT, I can sense it. If anything I saw it last night when Michael of all people won the IWT Championship."

    *The crowd gives off a mixed reaction and Joey chuckles*

    "No, I know, I couldn't believe it either. He beat a guy that took me what felt like forever to get on the same level as him. Aids even gave your boy a shoutout in his little speech, saying that he MADE guys like me and Alias Antonio into who we are today. He's partially right there, he did give me the shot I needed to step up to the big leagues, but after that the only thing I wanted to do was say that I was better than him. That is not for me to say right now, but damn I think tried my best to be. I'm not here to just remember the "good ol' days" though, I did come with an announcement..."

    *The crowd cheers once again as Joey takes a pause.*

    "See, last night was IWT Survival and before I say anything else, that was a tremendous show and I am so excited to see the future of IWT. Really glad to see a new brand of competitors step up and also see some of the guys that never lost it. In fact, I was so impressed that I couldn't resist coming out here and doing something I never thought I'd do. See I realized something as soon as the show ended...My life is just better when I'm a part of IWT."

    *The crowd pops and Joey smiles and shakes his head.*

    "Hang on, now. I said before that Aids was right when he said what he said about me. It makes sense. And even though I did almost everything in my career without his help, I would not have had much of a career without the opportunity he laid out for me. I have kinda...felt like I owed him a bit for that. I retired pretty much out of nowhere with no big reason at all and I never really got to thank him in a proper way. So, as of this moment, I, Joey Bryant, am returning to active competition to--"

    *Joey is cut off immediately by the crowd's loud cheering and smiles and begins pacing back and forth.*

    "I am returning to active competition to take down Michael, win my 4th IWT Championship, and Aids and I are gonna have the damn match we've always deserved and absoultely nobody, whether it be Spawn or Alias Antonio or Michael himself, NOBODY is going to stop me from achieving that goal! IWT I'M BAAAAA---"

    *All of a sudden, the lights in the arena go completely black as the crowds cheers turn to an unsettling rustling and mumbling.*

    *The crowd boos as the man who attacked Jack Forte last night appears on the stage at 0:16 seconds of the song. He stands at the top of the ramp for a moment and takes it all in and stares down Joey Bryant in the ring. He slowly walks down the ramp, ignoring the booing fans and keeping his eyes 100% locked on Joey. He rolls under the ropes and paces slowly in front of Joey as the crowd stirs with anticipation. His music fades and the crowd is giving a mixed reaction as Joey quickly raises the mic.*

    "Ah...a fresh face. I've been hearing a lot about yo--"

    *Bishop suddenly hits Joey right over the head with his fist and the crowd boos loud. He stares down at Joey who is holding his head in pain on the mat. The camera zooms in on Bishop's hand to show brass knuckles and the crowd boos even louder at him attacking an IWT Hall of Famer. Bishop's stone face finally breaks and he cracks a smirk before aggressively picking Joey off the mat and hitting him with a massive brainbuster! The crowd continues to boo and yell at Bishop and he begins to laugh. He bends over and picks up the mic.*


    *He can barely get a word out because of all the boos so he shakes his head. He picks Joey up once again and lifts him up into a suplex. He holds him there for a couple seconds before turning him and turning the suplex into a stunner! Joey is squirming on the ground in pain holding his neck but Bishop doesn't let up. He kicks him out to ringside and follows through the rope. Bishop goes to pick him up again but Joey counters and punches Bishop in the stomach a couple times. This causes Bishop to fall backwards a bit and Joey goes to spear him into the steel steps but Bishop steps out of the way quickly and Joey goes face first into the steel. Bishop laughs audibly loud at the boos as the pain he's caused Joey. He slowly walks over to his body and drags him by his hair to the announce table. He removes the top part and the monitors as everyone in the arena knows what's about to happen. He picks up Joey and rolls him on to the table. Instead of hopping up there with him, Bishop grabs a couple chairs from under the ring and throws them on top of Joey who is laying unconscious on the table. He also drags out a table and a ladder from underneath the ring and also piles them on top of Joey who is buried now underneath two chairs, a table, and a ladder.*

    *Bishop rolls into the ring and picks up the mic super quick.*

    "Id like to see you return to action now, fool."

    *He throws the mic on the ground and climbs up the turnbuckle. He stands up completely and does a "Suck It" like taunt to Joey and then to the booing crowd. He crosses his heart and takes a deep breath then jumps from the turnbuckle onto the carnage on the table, breaking the announce table along with the ladder on top of Joey! The crowd goes nuts as Bishop slowly crawls away from the wreckage, leaving Joey sandwiched in between a broken table and a ladder. Bishop rolls back into the ring and manages to get to his feet. He picks up the mic once again and embraces the boos as he spreads his arms wide and catches his breath.*

    "I ain't lettin no washed up fuckboy take the spotlight away from me tonight, hell no! Joey Bryant is nothin but a punk just like Jack Forte and that's why I took both them out within 24 hours. I don't give a shit bout sendin a message or makin my name known, if you don't know who I am that's your own damn fault. I'll do this once and only once but MY Bishop. I'm sure y'all've heard about me ova the last few weeks and were wonderin when the man behind the videos would make an appearance. To be honest witchu, I couldn't care less if it was Danny Jokeubs or Jack the Chump I been plannin for weeks to make my mark on one of them and that Intercontinental title and I did. While we bein honest, it was not my intention to come out and ruin Joey's lil welcome back party but it was my plan to start the show off tonight so he played his own damn self. Bein the big IWT superstar he is he shoulda known that but I guess not everyone is who they say they are. I ain't got nothin to hide behind, I'm 100% real, I'm the motha fuckin coldest nigga breathin and let it be known i ain't goin anywhere fo a lonnnng, long time...."

    *The crowd boos him once again as he spreads his arms and takes another deep breath.*

    "Anybody dat wants to try and stop me from gettin that gold around my waist, take a good long look at your "hall of famer" ova there. Go back an watch last nights footage and take a long look at Danny-boy and Jack. Imma perfect 2-0 when it comes to makin my mark here so far and by the time i'm done winnin every championship there is to win , y'all won't even remember who Joey Bryant is. I grew up without SHIT but ever since I stepped into one of these rings I been a rich man in more ways than one, and Imma be keepin it that way. I'll be seein y'all real soon, especially you Forte...keep watchin yo back. I ain't ever gonna be too far away...Bishop, out."

    *He drops the mic in style and smirks into the camera as his music starts up again. Medical personnel finally make their way out to Joey at ringside and Bishop points and laughs at all of them. The crowd continues to show their displeasure for Bishop but he shrugs it off and makes his way to the back. He makes a gun with his fingers and shoots it at Joey before laughing and turning around and walking backstage.*
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  2. I KNEW IT<3
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  3. Honestly, it's great to have you back. I had great fun, planning this shiz up with you. Hopefully you can stay for a while.
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  4. flatbush and video editing. I knew it was my boy. Glad to have you back with us. 2016 just got heavy.
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  5. I KNEW IT!!!
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