The Master Is Back

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by mark_htfc, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Disclaimer: This thread is for mark_htfc to try get his/her post count to where it should be, had it not been for a hiatus, so everyone has to reply by forum regulations,

    So how have you all been? hopeuflly not too depressed from missing the :boss: too much :haha:
  2. [​IMG]


  3. I thought this was a post dedicated to Vince, who is this mark guy again? Should have posted this in Showoff, where people might miss you. :true:
  4. He did, no one cared :haha:
  5. Really Seabs? I didn't realise it would hurt you that much you'd need to set up your email after me.
  6. Your photoshop skills are amazing, it looks SO REAL.
  7. I was actually thinking of you today!

    Sup Mark :yay:
  8. Says the most dissed guy on the forum :haha:, of sorry, I forgot you couldn't see the greatest section on the forum that is Team Showoff :win:

    :obama: Of course, you're all :fap: right now


    Photoshop? It that was photoshop it would look tons better, try paint ;).
  9. I wish that was photoshop.
  10. Clearly you have been gone too long. nWo.
  11. Noticed how the NWO and The Showoffs seem to be the only groups still alive :hmm: :obama: Pipebomb seems pretty dead nowadays, Mizfits disappeared as did The Sandow one, also wtf happened to the APA?
  12. I don't count one person of NWO as being alive :p
  13. Apa is now trukfit, and i think ambrose disappeared after making a 2nd name to hate on me via pm. Pipebomb died with hoss gone, and now we are down to two. When you leave seabs, its essentially Rain, Me, and DZ vs Spot Albin and Jose. Rain FTW.


    You must spend a lot of time being the only one laughing at your jokes.
  14. I like my chance :obama:
  15. Ahem, don't forget that about 2 months ago I was one of the main people here, so I'll defiantly be on the Showoff list :otunga:


    So original, I get that daily from the misses, try think of something original next time :haha:
  16. It should be a great show...down. Insert illuminati joke here.


    So you are saying im right, and you are only funny in your own world. You could have just said "you're right, aids, i am a douche."
  17. :smug: actually, I'm saying I'm drunk and tired, and you're a bitch :win:, meaning that right now, I have no comeback, but come this time tomorrow (as crayo and Seabs) I reckon I could forum smiley war your ass.
  18. Smiley war? Are you old enough to buy your own alcohol legally?
  19. I'm not even old enough to be on this forum, let alone buy my own alcohol, It's not my fault my parents feed me ginger beer :upset: