Storyline The Message to Kaizer

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  1. *The video starts in a decaying worn down abandoned warehouse with the sound of a vehicle getting louder and louder. The camera cuts to the inside of the car showing the back of the driver and “I Will Not Bow” by Breaking Benjamin is playing on the car’s radio. The car stops in front of the warehouse and out steps Chris Young dressed in a black slightly ripped trench coat, jeans, and black dirt-covered boots and he is carrying a kendo stick. He walks into the warehouse and pulls out a small camera and sets it up and the video changes to the camera’s point of view and the video get’s a slight blue tint to it. Chris keeps his back to the camera.*

    Chris: Well here I am, all alone just me and my thoughts. This feeling of isolation from the world and it’s mind opening and also it’s perfect for my match vs..*Chris turns around and points kendo stick at the camera.* You Chris Kaizer. I look at you and you seem to be one of the best of the best of the best, but I am better than the best I am amazing and I will show everyone that at Anarchy. This place locked away it reminds me of when I spend nights in Aokigahara I felt the spirit's flow into and out of me. It’s what gave me the will to go on without fear and it turned me into a monster and gave me the war paint I wore and it was amazing the feeling of breaking necks and crushing dreams. But that was then and this is now Kaizer! We may have the same given name and that is the only thing we have alike.

    *Chris Sighs and walks around kicking around the garbage on the floor and tapping the kendo stick on the glass around the area. Chris walks off screen and returns with a folding chair and sets it up and takes a seat.*

    Chris: You see this match is more than a match this will be a war and the blood hungry fans want to see blood and I want to see an amazing battle. I want chaos and us to fight till nothing's left and we are both left near dead in the middle of the ring, But now I see I don’t need to do anything for anyone but me. I can now focus on my goals and I can focus on you Kaizer as for the next few days I will lock myself away and study everything about this match.
    I may even fade away and….Nah I’ll never fade away but I will classify myself as amazing.
    No no no that’s not it is it? Let me tell you about what I see, I see two broken bodies both worn from battle and the bloodthirsty crowd cheers on these fighters that are you and me but unlike you.

    *Chris Rips offs and tosses the coat in a very anime esque style showing his left arm to be painted with scar-like markings and textured red paint.*

    Chris: I hold a key a mindset that I locked away. You have reawakened that feeling the amazing feeling of a pending battle. It get’s my blood heated and it makes my brain tremble oh my brain trembles in hope of the battle. Chris Kaizer This battle I see us having at Anarchy will be fantastic….oh and amazing. Chris Kaizer Everyone already knows
    It's twenty to one so when you fall to the ground and finally get back to reality
    and no soul at all around so tell me how does it feel to be the defeated Chris Kaizer?

    *Chris turns around and drops the kendo stick and walks to a long and thin briefcase and pulls out a katana with a black and white hilt with “Amazing” in kanji on it. Chris walks to the camera and points the sword at it.*

    Chris: This blade I nicknamed “希望と絶望” and that what this ring is filled with and my body flows with both. Chris Kaizer at Anarchy your time get’s cut short. And I retake what I lost because I'm a glutton for punishment it makes me feel alive. You will know how it feels to be forgotten but you'll never forget my name now.You can try to shake me I don’t care if you don’t buy what I say it’s my way and you are only living my world that is wrestling!
    See you there Kaizer.

    *The camera shuts off going back the filming style used in the intro. Chris Locks away the sword and picks up the jacket as he walks away.He walks back to the car and puts away the case holding the sword as he closes the trunk his phone rings and the video ends.*
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