Storyline The Michael Show VII

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  1. Michael walks out with his back towards the camera at 0:20 of the song. He turns around sporting a neck-brace and New Generation T-shirt. He walks down to the ring before sliding in and bending over the middle rope to get handed a microphone.

    Michael: Welcome to The Art- Wait. Welcome to The Michael Show VII!, ladies and gentlemen, before I bring out my guest here tonight, I'd like to get a few things off my chest. Those "things" are the simple fact that, day after day here in the IWT I've been getting screwed over. I requested a match for Night of Champion from this alleged "Creative" team, and I had no word of my booking. I then challenged for a match, due to some time constraints my match with Joey Bryant was once again delayed, and no one took the offer for Night of Champions. Then I demanded a match, and I was turned down by the very man, who is my guest tonight. Just as soon as this neck-brace comes off, I'll be back on the road and I'll be going to these oversea rubbish fests, and I'll be booked in every irrelevant Uprising show to fight in an irrelevant match for no risk or reward, and that is only the slightest of my concerns. My fear is once again The New Generation will be stepped on, and as it's active leader here in this ring, I won't let that happen. I've said before, I'll stand to fight another day, fight another battle for The New Generation. I'll keep my word, and if it's me getting the brunt of the force than so be it. To engineer the future, I'll do anything.

    Michael roams the ring with a slight look of disdain while he scans the canvas below him. He runs his hand through his hair before holding his neck. He whispers something to himself before he begins to speak once again.

    Michael: This summer, was the greatest summer of my pro-wrestling career. I had opportunities, I lost opportunities. I had great matches and I had bad matches but the one thing that THIS summer proved is, I'm not only fit to continue on the ladder to the top, but I'm about ready. While every opponent I face brings up a haunting statistic about my win-loss ratio, I bring up the fact that I'm not the most successful but what I am, is the man that will make wine out of water. I'm the man that will make bronze into gold, and I'll do it with not with impressive win-loss rations, but with pure talent. I'm not the leader of The New Generation because I'm the only qualified member of the group...i'm the leader because I'm the talent of the group. If you don't believe me, walk with me down Path C, and you'll not only get educated, but you'll be scarred with the presence of everything I've done to get to where I'm at. My guest is one far from Path C, and he doesn't know about my journey, but he may just be here to learn exactly what I've done to get here.

    Michael paces the ring once again.

    Michael: Please welcome my guest at this time @gav the chav !
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  2. ( Gav the chav) hey Michael you little cheeky **** thanks for inviting me to your show so lets get straight to the point what would you like to discuss?

    Would you like to discuss gavs impending reign as IWT champion when I cash this bad boy in and takes the title from joey bryant or would you like to talk about the newest faction in IWT you know That group of lads in the who have a very bright future ahead of them no not the new generation They suck gavs talking about the BWO because that's the way to go Brother or would you like to discuss the revival of FSW gavs already shared his opinion on that but if youd like we could discuss it further come on Michael what you bring gav out here for
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  3. Michael: Gav, I'm not here to talk about unrealistic fantasies that aren't gonna come true no matter how much you want to believe, and I'm afraid you'll lose your shot at the title with that mentality. That privilege you're carrying around in that briefcase is something you not only take for granted, but you're dishonoring it. The same accomplishment that almost single handedly launched the career of one of the greatest IWT stars today, to the top of the food chain. The same accomplishment that 12 others including you and myself fought for. We put our career's on the line for a shot at what you're holding in your hand. You run around teasing a cash in when you and I both know, you don't have the guts to cash in.

    Michael circles the ring.

    Michael: I stated that you'll never know what it feels like to walk down the road I took to get to this very spot, it may seem meaningless to you, but to me this is a spot where I will look back when I'm holding that briefcase *A sudden roar of confused fans in the audience rises up* , and go "Man, that was a good time." *Michael scans the confused audience* Oh, you're wondering why I said- Oh because it's simple, Gav. I don't invite "cheeky ****s" *The crowd laughs as Michael imitates Gav* like yourself onto my show for no reason. I've been urging you, challenging you, bastardizing you for weeks not because I like the heat that comes with it, but because it has a purpose like every word that flows out of my mouth. I challenge, no I dare you to face me, in a match. Not just any ordinary match, but a match for that briefcase. While you trash the image of that case, I'll build up the prestige that "this" generation of winners tarnished. Fight me Gav or do you want to be caught in the middle of a...Storm?

    Michael holds down the microphone waiting for a response.
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  4. ( Gav the chav) you want me to give you a shot at my mitb briefcase? The same briefcase gav grafted his little balls off for this is gavs one chance to go to the top of the food chain and you think he's gunna just throw it away that Easily

    In fact right even if I was gunna put it on the line against someone you would be right at the bottom of it you can fuck right off you had a chance at winning the big one and you blew it despite your best efforts I can name at least three people who I think deserve it much more than you for starters there is the man who I took this briefcase from @B.Dazzle as much as I can't stand the little freak I'd rather give him a shot than you then there is the incredibly underrated @Butters! Aiden ryan who Id love see have a go at trying to take down the champ and if I were willing to put my contract on the line he'd be on gavs list of possible contenders and finally there is Harriet vargas @Majour if she were to return to iwt and I was willing to put this contract on the line she'd be up there right at the top of the list those 3 are much more deserving than you I could go on and list many more I think you get the point I'd happily face you one on one in a match but not for for my briefcase because you simply do not deserve it

    you also don't think I ain't gunna cash in trust me when I say this that the chav era is coming much closer than you think because gav is soon gunna end joey bryants dominance so watch this space because gav is going to the top very soon
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  5. Michael let's out a laugh. He stops laughing but still has a grin on his face before he lifts the microphone to his mouth and begins to speak.

    Michael: I'm the bottom of the barrel when it comes to facing you for that briefcase? Well how about you stop kissing Dazzle's, Aiden's and Vargas' ass and you rethink your decision.

    Just as Michael finishes his sentence Alkatrz runs into the ring and tackles Gav to the ground. As Gav starts to fight out of the tackle Chip Chipperson has made his way into the ring and has pounced on Gav, as well. Gav starts to claw his way out before Anonymous and Christian make their way into the ring to dismantle Gav. They claw at his face before Christian spears Gav to the ground. Chip and Anonymous perform a Garvin Stomp in consecutive order. Alkatrz continues to assault him with vicious punches and kicks. The end result of the assault is a bloodied Gav. Alkatrz and Christian hold Gav by pulling him by his hair to let Michael perform his finishing touches on Gav. Michael superkicks Gav in the face seemingly knocking him unconscious, but Gav is still moving, the seconds he starts to move the crowd cheers for Gav to get up and fight, but the second his gets up Michael pulls him up to his feet and hit's a Death Valley Driver leaving Gav motionless in the middle of the ring. Michael rips off his neck-brace and picks up the microphone.

    Michael: The sirens rang, but you didn't run. Now the Storm ravaged, and you CAN'T run.

    Michael pauses and looks up.

    Michael: Rise Up. End All.

    The New Generation members stand over Gav raising each others hands as The New Generation's theme echoes around the arena full of stunned Gav the Chav fans.
  6. *the camera cuts to tge crowd as a mysterious figure heads towards the ring the crowd is in shock its fungi just what is he up to?

    Fungi: here just what the fuck do you think you are doing? When fuck with one chav your fucking with the rest of us so come on then you bunch of ****s lets fight

    *fungi drops the mic and charges towards Michael and takes to the Ground and Begins to unleash a barrage of punches on him before focusing his attention on the other members of the new generation who are slowly backing away gav climbs to his feet and stands side by side with fungi and begin taunting the other members of the new generation*
  7. Michael is dragged out of the ring by the rest of The New Generation. Michael yells, "You're both done with!"
  8. It's sad that some of your best work comes on these threads, @Tsar, why can't you carry this into your matches! :why::sad::upset::lol1:

    I enjoyed this
  9. I honestly don't know.