Storyline The Mind of Michael

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  1. Michael is sitting backstage with a towel over his head, a water bottle in his hand and his IWT World Championship on his lap. He is slouching with his mouth open as he attempts to recover from the brutal fight he just had. Marco Corino walks in with a camera crew and a microphone in hand and gently sits down next to Michael on the bench.

    Marco Corino: Can I get a few words with you, Michael?


    Marco Corino: First and foremost, what do you think of that win over Gav the Chav?

    Michael: I proved once and fucking again why I deserve this title. I've been held back from it for years, and now I'm here to shut up the doubters and prove that I am Mr. IWT. So many names haven't held this. Chris Kaizer, Midas, Jack Forté, Jwab and Farooq. And to them, they can go fuck themselves. I looked up to them, and wanted to follow in their footsteps, and as far as I'm concerned, they should follow in mine.

    Marco Corino: Speaking of Jwab, what do you think of his return?

    Michael: Jwab returned? Didn't notice. Jwab was always gonna play second fiddle to Alias Antonio. He tried breaking away, and got some good success and then he left and now he's back as the Lodi to Antonio's Raven. He's just there to pump more hot air into Antonio. He sucks dick, and that's what he's best at. I don't care if he did some D-grade movie, he will and forever be Antonio's bitch.

    Marco Corino: What do you have to say about Alias basically saying you're scared of him?

    Michael: He's nothing. He is talented, and I'll give him that. But he's gonna be nothing in the long run. He's done nothing but screw this company over and over and over again. He won the IWT Championship, 2 times. And both times he lost by leaving. I have no respect for him, and I never will. If Jwab is the Lodi to Alias' Raven. Then Alias is the Raven to my Goldberg. Just another stepping stone. Fuck him too.

    Marco Corino: Anything to say about Scotty McBoatface?

    Michael: Who's that?

    Marco Corino: The man that challenged you to a match, and you gave him the proposition of beating Reagan Cole and facing you at SummerSlam?

    Michael: Doesn't ring a bell.

    Marco Corino: He's IWT's newe-

    Michael: Get out. I don't play games. I have no idea who Scotty...what is it?

    Marco Corino: McBoatface.

    Michael: Yeah; don't know who he is, and I'm done playing games so get out.

    Marco Corino leaves and Michael leans back.
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    Ask your mom who scotty mcboatface is bitch, she will tell you the real reason why she uses a wheelchair
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