The Miz as a face: Your opinion so far?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by PSachkovsky, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. My opinion is that I don't really like how he turned from a good heel to, a kiss-ass face. I mean, he went on to suddenly have a bromance with Cena, completely erasing the feud from 2011. They didn't even try to acknowledge the fact that they feuded in WrestleMania.

    The Miz kissing all the faces asses is something I can't really understand. First it was Cena, than it became Ric Flair. I mean, really? When the first turned Randy Orton, he still had his heelish persona going, and it was good. They could've done the same with The Miz. They could've let him be a face with heelish persona.

    I mean, it didn't stop Alberto Del Rio from 'slowly' hitting Santa Claus with a car while trying to be a face, right?
  2. I see potential but they kind of halted it. I think the problem here was that they didn't have anything lined up for him once he turned, or if they did they axed it for something else. Had he had a feud to work when he turned he would have worked much better. And we are seeing signs of improvement as a face during this feud with Cesaro. Hopefully it will go on for a bit an become personal between the two. Then Cesaro will grow as a heel and Miz can grow as a face.
  3. He has potential actually. He is not boring and as face e shows his in ring skills better as he got a bit far from his agressive heel in ring styles which consisted a lot of stomping, which is a lot heels do like Cody Rhodes and heel Alberto Del Rio. Also if he accompanies with Ric Flair it would be more better for him. I liked his Miz TV segment with Ric Flair. That was fun. He is gaining momentum as face slowly. But every time I watch WWE, I get confused as I'm used to heel Miz.
  4. Someone might disagree on that one...

  5. Actually this AJ was not bad. The bad AJ is the AJ we have seen in last 2 years. But that's TNA lets not discuss it here.

    TNA had made it bad actually. Because they tried to make AJ Styles a copy of Ric Flair. WWE won't make it and Miz is not like Flair. He is not great in ring. What WWE has to do with Ric and Miz is they had to use Flair to get Miz momentum and more support. They should do it until Miz reaches to main event level.

    Also, if you guys realized, Miz is starting to be a dirty player. This is fun, I mean all eye rakes, eye pokes and Flair wanna be moves are fun.
  6. For the Miz and Ric relationship they should point out some similarities characterwise: The bragging, the narcissism and similar. But also play up that they are different. I liked that they took the fact that Miz isn't as proficient at the figure four as Ric and made it part of the story, that he admits it and that he will work on it. That's smart.

    As I said earlier, his face turn was halted by the fact that they seemed to axe whatever story the had for him when he turned and left him in limbo for a while. But they seem to have a plan now and are letting him grow as a character organically with this feud with Cesaro. No face turn will work unless it has something to work with after turning. Now that he has something we will see him slowly improve and become a better face.
  7. Not liking the path his character took, not surprised, ended up as mostly a generic babyface as they always do in WWE. I think if his feud with Cesaro continues, his character could evolve into something good though.