The Miz claims WWE Triple Crown: Is he 'Awesome' again?

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  1. The Miz claims WWE Triple Crown: Is he 'Awesome' again?


    When The Miz beat Christian to capture the Intercontinental Championship on Raw’s historic 1,000th episode, he joined an elite group of Superstars who can claim the coveted WWE Triple Crown — which includes winning the Intercontinental, WWE and World or WWE Tag Team Championships. He was given the opportunity to compete on Raw 1,000 thanks to a RawActive vote from the WWE Universe (FULL STORY).

    The Triple Crown status highlights Miz’s impressive championship resume, which now includes: Intercontinental Champion, WWE Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion (three times), World Tag Team Champion (two times) and U.S. Champion (two times).

    The Raw 1,000 win was a welcome momentum shift for the Superstar who had not held a title since May 1, 2011. As a new era dawns on Raw, is Miz poised to be the “Awesome One” once again? Take a look back at the victories that have earned him his elite, WWE Triple Crown status.

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  2. Again? when did he ever stop being awesome?
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