The Miz Talks About His Relationships with Other WWE Stars, Favorite Wrestlers Growing Up and More

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Sep 13, 2013.

  2. He sounded like jacka** by the way he answered the final question... if i didnt know any better i'd wager a 14 year old girl answered that question...

    On dumber note, he liked Shawn Michaels in the 80's yet didnt like him so much in the 90s....yeeeah okaaay

    Ill think of Miz every time I prefer Isaac Yankem over Kane... Mean Mark over Taker... or when I prefer Vinnie Vegas over Kevin Nash
  3. How do you come to that assumption? What he said was that the Rock was his favorite guy from the 90's. Nowhere does he say that he stopped enjoying Shawn in the 90's. Just that he enjoyed The Rock more.
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  4. Eh, short kinda meh interview. Seems alright I guess, didn't really catch anything interesting here honestly.
  5. Maybe he should ask Ziggler, Jericho and Punk to teach him how to wrestle.
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  6. He's in the WWE and isn't a 7 foot giant or a woman. Obviously the dude knows how to wrestle.
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  7. :awyeah:

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  8. Miz > Perfect

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  9. You're a moron if you think he "can't wrestle". I can't stand reading people within the IWC comment on people's wrestling ability like they expect every single wrestler to be as good as HBK or Bryan. Miz has had many good matches.
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  11. I agree 100%, I hate Miz. He's boring and the only thing he can do is talk, which I wish he wouldn't do. Because he's so damn annoying on that too, sometimes I wonder if he is even a face.
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