The Miz Works As Heel In Belfast (VIDEO)

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by CM Punk, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. - The Miz cut a heel promo before losing to Kofi Kingston at Wednesday's WWE live event in Belfast. Miz talked about how he has been beaten up by everyone from Kane to The Wyatt Family and the fans always cheer for who is beating him up. Here is video:

  2. Well he ain't lying. I know I cheer whoever is beating him up on.
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  3. Yeah I dug Miz as a babyface, but man I loved seeing Randy Orton beat him senseless even more.
  4. Ok watched it, and he is just awesomely AWFUL. Somebody call the wahmbulance, get this man an order of a wahmburger and cries, etc, etc. What a joke.

  5. :yes:Unlike most of you, Miz was my favorite since his debut up until he turned face. Notice how I haven't marked for him whatsoever since the face turn. So him going heel again would make me happy for sure.
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  6. I never liked the guy until his US Title run. His promos and cocky attitude won me over, and he definitely improved as a wrestler.

    I loved his 2/3 falls match with Cesaro for the US Title when he returned as a babyface. He can go in the ring, I think it's just a matter of finding his niche on the roster.
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  7. This. Dude works best as a heel, and people complaining about his ring work are just hating for the sake of hating. 2012 and forward was a really good year for him in ring wise.
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  8. You can put a dress and sparkles on a turd, but it's still a turd.
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  9. Miz is not bad in the ring and he's above average on the mic. Unfortunately for him, they turned him face and his character, which works so much better as a heel, suffered greatly. A heel turn for the Miz would be very good.

  10. I enjoyed The Miz much better as a heel. He is not suited to be a babyface at all. And having Ric Flair pass down the Figure Four Leglock to him was embarrassing (the Skull Crushing Finale was/is a much better finisher anyway.) Hopefully he reverts back to being a heel and has a feud with CM Punk at some point. I see some potential in a feud between the two, as they can incorporate their real-life heat and dislike of one another (or rather, Punk's dislike of Miz) into the promos.
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  11. In Birmingham he started face and half way through he did a heel move but never spoke on the mic.
  12. I'd love to see Miz going heel, it suits him better, the character is also better suited for a heel and he's just hateable (not that I hate him, but most people seem to), so yeah, definitely heel.
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  13. Especially Cesaro! That was awesome

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  14. Copyright Claim. I was too late........... :cry:
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  15. When Orton beat his ass in front of his parents, people were cheering. I know i was.
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  16. I mark for heel miz. Yolo
  17. Miz is the guy I hate the most on the roster hands down.
    Like many others, I mark when someone beats the shit out of him, and I loved when Kane chokeslammed his ass.
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  18. He is dull, boring and still seems like he's stuck up and arrogant when he's a face. The way he moves, the way he looks at the camera, his tone and everything just still resembles his heel persona. All they tried to do is make the crowd cheer for the Miz, which hasn't worked all the time. Miz just seems like the same arrogant and annoying heel, but trying to be a forced face. I don't mind him as a heel, because that's what his persona implies, but as a face it just doesn't seem to work for me. I can understand I suppose if why people like him, he does still have the look and is getting better in ring, but whenever he picks up the mic he still seems like a heel.
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  19. Oh snap a Waco like? :smug:
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