The Miz's Awesome Life 'Outside the Ring' - Episode 4

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. He's awesome :themiz:
  2. The more I see of him the more I start to rate him.

    He's good at playing the cocky arrogant WWE star but with vids like this u see a different side to him still cocky and arrogant but not that u want to punch his lights out if that makes any sense!

    Marking for the MIZ!
  3. He stays in character all through his media appearances, it's great. Refreshing to see a star not break kayfabe. All articles made by those who have met him personally say he's one of the nicest people backstage with Cena.

    To be honest, on the mic, I think he's the best on the roster with Jericho at the moment. My opinion of course, a few don't agree. Barrett and Rhodes would be up there too.
  4. He does come across as a nice guy despite the not breaking character as I said really starting to mark for the Miz the more I see of things like this.
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  6. Cleaerly we care. And his 500,000+ followers on twitter.

  8. :pity: I try.
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  9. LMAO :laugh:
  10. Miz is not a whiny baby for someone who is barely but a little bit stocky but can do the things in the ring like him to me that's incredible. ADR can go blow his **** ass self. Go Miz I want to meet him really badly one day.
  11. Another Miz fan HELL YEAH!
  12. I would like to meet Miz too to be honest, granting that he doesn't stay in character -.-.
  13. He can stay in character if he pays for my hair, nails and suit!

  14. I don't care if they even stayed in character I mean most superstars do stay in character and are still really great people to meet either way.
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