Storyline The Most Dazzling Man In IWT History

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  1. *B.Dazzle makes his way to the ring. He has a big smile across his face, and the fans are cheering him. He is wearing a very expensive buttoned up shirt and some shades.*

    B.Dazzle: "Ladies and gentleman, I am B.Dazzle. I am the most dazzling thing that has ever stepped foot in an IWT ring. You see over these past couple of months, I have been trying to find who I truly am, and after weeks of searching he finally found who he truly is. I want to share with all of you something I discovered about each and every single on of you people here to watch me perform."

    *The fans cheer*

    "I think that you fans are some of the most............. disgusting pieces of trash that I have ever seen in my entire life. You people and the guys in that locker room are a bunch of low life losers, who don't have what it takes to step in a ring with B.Dazzle. When B.Dazzle says that he is going to wipe his ass with each and every one of those losers careers, he means it. B.Dazzle is the real deal, because he is the best. B.Dazzle is so damn good, that each and every single woman in this room has just felt what it feels like to sleep with him just because he spoke. B.Dazzle is everything that each of those ass kissing jobbers wish they were. He doesn't care if it's Aids, Senhor, Victoria, Jonathan, or Dat Kid. He will beat the hell of each and every single on of them. B.Dazzle doesn't care for anybody but himself. That's why he is the dazzling one. That's why he is the most dazzling person in IWT history. And that is why you people will never be able to hold his jock strap."

    *The fans are giving B.Dazzle hell.*

    "B.Dazzle says to all of the roster and the people here that when you're Dazzling, you don't give a damn about anyone else. You ass wiping jobbers have all just been DAZZLED by the dazzling one."

    *B.Dazzle drops the mic and starts taunting the crowd with a brash, arrogant smile on his face.*
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  2. *The lights slowly dim. When the lights begin flickering and the images begin appearing on the titantron the crowd pops. Then, Nick walks out without a pyro. The crowd cheers as Nick walks down the ramp with his hoodie and shorts on. He stops in front of the apron and laughs. He grabs a mic from the time keeper and rolls into the ring*

    "What have we here? Mr. B Dazzle ladies and gentlemen! I feel like you were somebody else just last week... Oh that's it you were! I believe you were some king or something like that? Now, I don't know if you've been watching lately, but I'm on the rise. While you were proclaiming your royal status I was out in a triple threat match at Uprising! An guess what else? I won it!"

    *Mild crowd pop*

    "Oh, and there is another thing I'd like to get out of the way. I know, I don't have any merchandise on the shop yet. Don't worry! I've got a shirt in the works."

    *Decent pop*

    "Now, back to the topic. You say you're going to dazzle the IWT? I've been dazzling the IWT ever since I arrived here. It was me who won an 8 man battle royal at Summerslam, might I say, quite dominantly. It was me who won a triple threat match at uprising. My style is more dazzling than yours mr. Dazzle. After I leave a place everyone remembers me! Why? My style is just such a perfect combination of everything a good wrestler needs. Skill, athleticism, charisma, flamboyance. Then we look at you. Oh wait, I don't remember seeing you ever! Weren't you booked in a handicap match and you STILL bailed? Pathetic. I would've taken that opportunity and run with it. When I get an opportunity I take it. And right now, I've got an opportunity to take care of you."
  3. " Of all the things you said you were, B.Dazzle can only agree on you being flamboyant. You're incredibly flamboyant. You say you have been dazzling people since you got here, but B.Dazzle has been dazzling the world since he was born. He came out of the womb the most dazzling man in the world. B.Dazzle doesn't give a damn about any of your past accomplishments. He only cares about what he is going to do, and what B.Dazzle is going to do is smack that dumb-ass look on your face. The only combination you are made of is crap and sucking. B.Dazzle doesn't care about your style, he doesn't care about you at all. Hell, he doesn't even know who you are. You come out here trying to take the spotlight away from B.Dazzle, but he always keeps the spotlight. When he walks down to this ring, all the pieces of waste-less trash in this arena watch in admiration of B.Dazzle. He takes punks like you, and whips their asses across the entire ring. You better understand that B.Dazzle is the gift of god to you pathetic people. He is the most dazzling man in the history of earth, and he proves it each and every second."
  4. "Okay okay we get it. You're so dazzling. You know, there are a lot of faults I've noticed in what you just said, but I' rather point them out later. Now, you say you don't know who I am? You clearly haven't been watching the show then. I'm the next big thing here in the IWT. The new era of superstars in the IWT is starting soon and I'm at the helm of it. You may underestimate me but I beat Trip in the head and Adam last week. I have all the proof I need that I can hang with some of the better people in this company. I look at you. You're not one of the best in this company. You're a nobody. A jobber. You think of yourself as that you're so high and mighty but in reality you're only here to lose. I wouldn't even be talking to you if you didn't address me so poorly. You may think you're better than me right now, but there's no doubt in my mind that I can change that opinion in a flash. So, I propose a match, mr. Dazzle. What do you say?"

    *crowd pops*
  5. "You want a match, but the only thing you're getting is an ass whooping. B.Dazzle doesn't care about Trip or Adam. Those guys are even bigger jobbers than you, and you're one of the biggest waste of roster space this place has ever seen. B.Dazzle accepts you're challenge, and let him tell you that he is going to beat you're ass so badly that you're parents will be sitting in their crappy home watching B.Dazzle whip your sorry ass, and then they will look up in the heavens, and ask god ever so nicely to make sure their son doesn't get the ever living hell beat out of him. The only problem is that it's just a prayer, because B.Dazzle is going to beat the hell out of you. He is going to beat you so bad that you walk into NOC looking like a bitch that just got his ass beat. Oh wait, you are going to get your ass kicked when you face B.Dazzle. Get ready to face the most dazzling man in the entire world, because it will be the last time he even wastes his precious time with the likes of you. You have just been dazzled......... Bitch!"