The Most influential man in the IWT

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  1. IWT comes back from commercial, as Aids Johnson's theme hits, the crowd fills the arena with boos, alerting the presence of the greatest man to every hold an IWT microphone.

    Aids walks out after seconds pass by, holding his briefcase in his right hand, and a microphone in the left. He walks out to the crowd, laughing as he walks out, holding his smile at the top of the ramp, as flashes go off from below stage. The future champ of the company walks down slowly, randomly throwing in a Vince Mcmahon walk halfway down, all the way to the stairs, before he jumps up onto the corner, posing for the fans while holding the briefcase up. He sits on the corner, and pulls the microphone up.

    Ladies and gentlemen, Your future champion is here *Crowd boos loudly* and he is here for all of you *Crowd boos even louder*.....I Love you all back.

    You see i'm here to speak about the most legendary member of the IWT. MR Wrestlemania, MR MitB, and the greatest competitor to come out of the most active matches in IWT history! *Random pop, followed by boos*

    You see, I have proven to everyone what relevance is here. The standard has been set. I have main evented Wrestlemania, and now the co-main event proved to be the biggest match in IWT history. Incognito brought his A-game, and i slipped one by him, like the winner i am. *Crowd boos* There is nothing you can do about it. History books are written by the winners, and I am at the top of every list.

    *Aids pauses and goes up to the corner turnbuckle for another pose, as the fans boo him loudly in return. He holds up the briefcase again, laughing as if the fans were cheering him on.

    You see, without me, there is no Main Event. Without me? There is no you. I proved last night that i am the greatest man to ever grace the IWT with his presence, and soon i will be showing i am the greatest Human being to ever step foot in an IWT ring. *crowd boos* Hell, i might even be the greatest man, period. *Crowd boos loudly*

    I would love to stand here all night, but i have a celebration to attend. My friends and i went 4-0 at Summerslam. Undefeated. The greatest members of all time to Cure what matters most. I think the best way to cure one problem, is to attack it with something it has no answer for. That answer, is AIDS. *Aids walks towards the corner, setting his briefcase down, before walking out again, smiling, to the center of the ring.

    Victora Parker, your manager showed today what kind of man he is, or maybe what he is lacking. He is no longer a member of the Management staff here, and the only one who can stop me from that gold, is a cripple who couldnt outrun a 3 count if his life depended on it. When i cash in, and believe me, it will be soon, your time is up.

    My time, is now. *Aids drops the mic, and poses in the corner again facing the camera, as the arena fills with boos, the jeers no longer relevant.
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  2. Vince McMahon would be proud of your one word replies you consistently make. The smileys make it even more relevant. Your opinion, it's so relevant.
  3. :pipeyawn:
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    Get on my level, son.
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  5. *music hits and stops Aids from leaving the ring*
    *Britanica appears on the titantron all tied up with a man wearing an all white coat*

    "Why hello there old friend! Funny seeing you there... in that ring. While you were busy winning that, well, whatever you call that horrendous match against the Underfaker.. I was being let out of prison. You see, we had a deal that you would show and I would be in your corner but... *sighs with a long pause* you never showed. You say you are a part of the cure... The cure for what exactly? Excitement? Celebration? Thrill? You are truly curing my excitement over here puppet. *yawns with a sarcastic smirk* Since we are talking cures... Can you cure lil 'ol me? I seemed to have made a woopsie and up and got bumped off my meds. I am beginning to like the feeling though. *looks in a daze at the ceiling then slaps the man in the white coat on the face* Everything is brighter and so much louder! And the voices in my head are having a miraculous ball in my honor. They say we are going to do something kinda naughty *starts giggling* The only problem is... The people who aren't invited to this wonderful ball are... Well *shrugs* sort of in my way so be a dear and get out of my ring. Okay? *turns head side ways with a huge smile and pauses for about 5 seconds then quickly turns bitter and angry* That wasn't a request *camera cuts off*
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  6. Victoria's theme hits. She walks out with her title around her waist and smirk on her face. She looks at Aids on the stage with a mic in her hand.

    Oh Aids, seems like you're still as arrogant and delusional as ever. But, oh my, I see you have a new group of subjects with you this time around. However we both know this isn't your first time with a group around you. Aids, remember when we were close? We had this beautiful moment of destroying Dat Kid during my wedding day. It would have been a beautiful, beautiful partnership full of destruction and mayhem throughout the IWT. However...if I remember correctly, you threw it all away for glory somewhere else. You're like an adrenaline junkie - you're always looking for your next fix, something that will fill your life with excitement that it so clearly lacks. Not only that, but you're quite power hungry aren't you? It must make you feel so good to have a group of muscular wrestlers around you supporting your cause. Even with that briefcase in hand, you must feel like you're on top of the world and can do whatever you want.

    *Victoria looks at Aids with pity*

    But sweetie, I have some bad news for you. I'm the IWT's Undisputed Champion and I've proven time and time again that I can retain this title. I haven't had to pull any dirty tricks or form any alliances to keep it. In fact, my skill and talent alone has kept it around my waist. I don't need the tag team division or anything else because this title is all that matters. You had once and I hope you enjoyed your time with it...but it's my title now. Nothing you can possibly do can compete with me.

    *Victoria laughs before continuing*

    I hope you have a great date night with your boyfriends and treat them to a nice dinner, maybe some drinks...but I assure you that you'll never have that celebration at my expense.
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