The necessary evil

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  1. As the show returns from a commercial break, the music hits as the titantron starts, followed by a huge pop from the IWT crowd.

    Aids Johnson walks out in his normal brewers blue colors under his gray suit, wearing a smile made for the camera. He stops at the top of the ramp, posing, before running down the ramp and sliding into the ring. Aids grabs a microphone from staff in the corner, before walking back into the center of the ring.

    This was supposed to be a part time deal. Aids Johnson retired, to come back part time to the IWT only when the other options were dried up, and yet here I am after the Surivor Series match, forced into a tag team tournament I had no interest in. Each and every one of you can be seen as a witness to the integrity I brought to the ring. Three eliminations, with only a cheap shot from my former hero and a spear from a pouty princess to take me out of the runnings. I came in first because no other star would step up, and where was my thank you? What do I have to show for it?

    It's time IWT either puts up, or shuts up. I watch IWT week in and week out, listening to the part timers like Dat Kid come back every other month talking about how much they matter, while our part time champions pout and leave after every single title loss. Nick came back to a huge win over a Joey Bryant unwilling or unable to compete for the second time in three months, but does anyone complain? No, we give him the opportunity for success. Joey holds the IWT title and is now arguably the greatest champion of all time, but who will his opponent be? Trip cannot believe the group of egotistical former and current champions couldn't defeat a solidified team of stars from what can only be seen as "a former IWT foe" when they had everything to lose if defeated. Hell, Alias had his career on the line, and yet we are supposed to be surprised Solidus stepped up alongside him to bring back stars to the IWT who left due to our horrible sense of "management" here.

    And the worst part? We were considered to be team IWT staff, when my presence here couldn't have been further from the truth, and the thanks that I get for being DRAGGED back into this, is a shot at the tag team division belts? What a horrible insult. So today, I set the record straight.

    Today, I announce my resignation from the IWT tag team tournament, if it even still exists *crowd boos* and demand that IWT staff either pick up the ball they have dropped and run with it, or accept their fate and leave the choices up to the fans who continually come here to see those of us here who actually show up. Tonight, I announce my determination to become the next IWT champion. *crowd stays silent*

    Do I mean for the next PPV? No, but sooner rather than later, I will have my match with Joey Bryant 1v1, where the people can truly decide who deserves to be known as the greatest champion of all time. I do this with a selfish attitude, and I will not lie there, but behind that I truly do believe I am the one who pushed a deserving champion into the spotlight, and will be glad to be the one to step into the ring with him one more time to prove once and for all who the greatest really is.

    I am not Dat Kid, I know Joey Bryant is responsible for his success. I am not responsible for The Cure, but I am responsible for my own success and earnings in this business, and I know that I have at least one more big match left in me. So Joey Bryant ( @DK James ) it might not be today, it might not be tomorrow, but I have my eyes on the prize, and finally something to compete for once again.

    Aids music hits once again, as he tosses the mic back into the corner, leaving the ring and heading backstage.
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