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    *You can still do dark matches, promos, etc. during the breaks.*

    IWT Slammys
    - January 6th-13th
    (1 week break)

    Royal Rumble - January 20th - 26th
    (3 week break)

    Elimination Chamber - February 17th-23rd
    (1 week break)

    Uprising - March 3rd - 9th
    (3 week break)

    WrestleMania - March 31st - April 6th
    (3 week break)

    Extreme Rules - April 28th - May 4th
    (3 week break)

    Uprising (Old School IWT) - May 26th - 1st June
    (3 week break)

    Uprising - June 23rd - 29th
    (2 week break)

    Money in the Bank - July 14th - 20th
    (3 week break)

    SummerSlam - August 11th - 17th
    (4 week break)

    Night of Champions - September 15th - 21st
    (3 week break)

    Uprising - October 13th - 19th
    (4 week break)

    Survivor Series - November 17th - 23rd
    (3 week break)

    Uprising (IWT yearly anniversary) - December 14th
    (3 week break until Slammy's at the start of the next year)

    Let me know any feedback you have regarding the new schedule :obama:
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  2. I'm good with that. Gives us some good time between dates to develop stories.
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  3. Between the long breaks we'll be hosting dark matches/house show-esque events to keep the activity among the section up.
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  4. I like.
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  5. I agree with the schedule. Now like this comment.
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  6. The things I dont "like"/would change, I'm not part of the creative whatsoever but I wanna point out a couple of things.

    First of all, why would you have a Uprising 1 week after EC? I would make a WM Preshow, running from 24th till 31st for those guys (Maybe like me) who wont make it to the show. So just call it "WM PreShow" and let the newbies and other people who werent involved in a good storyline/feud to have some fun during "WM".

    2) 3 weeks to build SummerSlam but 4 weeks to build NoC (IMO the worst PPV in the card with no stipulation), why dont you give SummerSlam one more week?

    That's all I wanted to say :happy:

  7. The Uprising after EC is like a, "finalisation" of stories heading into Mania.

    3 weeks is long enough, trust me. Whether is was 3/4 or 4/3 each one will be fine. Also NoC is special because every title is defended.]

    Good feedback though
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  8. 100% agree.

    So are we not having our anniversary show this December?
  9. We sure are.
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  10. Wow, I like it.
  11. This seems quite nice! I like the schedule you have planned :)
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  12. Newbie question, what is Uprising?
  13. It's pretty much like RAW, it's our main show(and only non-PPV show) that we do. Besides Uprising we have house show-esque events to fill in the time.
  14. Ah, cool name. Uprising was a PPV name for under card talent on an old e-fed, thought it was the same concept
  15. why the hell is there so many Uprising ppv? why just name then by there real wwe ppv name?
  16. Uprising isn't a PPV
  17. I know. name the ppv after wwe ppv not make up other ppv 5 different time in a year that just dumb.
  18. There are no made up PPV names. The only things on there are WWE PPVs, Uprisings and Special Uprisings
  19. he has 5 different one as ppv? that dumb only 1 and then just have the other ppv name wwe has.
  20. Pretty sure as of right now were only doing 8 PPVs. 12 would be way too much because we need more shows to build feuds