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  1. Michael steps out from the backstage area and has a silky blazer and and a half-buttoned silk shirt. His hair is slicked back and he has his left hand in his pocket. He has a freshly lit cigar in his mouth and a microphone in the other. He smiles, and walks down to the ring. He wipes his feet clean on the apron before forcing the ring-announcer to hold the ropes for him. He enters the ring and takes a big sigh of relief. He hands his cigar to the announcer and forces him to stay and hold it for him.

    Michael: Without pushing the fact of what happened to NGW in peoples faces, I'd just like to say...Welcome. I want to welcome all of the new signings and returns. I can ensure everyone who signed, will sign or is returning that the IWT is the place to be. I want everyone to know that IWT has been the mainstay for better part of 3 years, and will continue to be. You all have brought a breath of fresh air, not seen since last October. I'm not here to bury you guys or call you guys out for being NGW guys, but I'm here to show the gratitude and hospitality of the IWT! I'm a philanthropist, honestly. So I want to explain to everyone here that I want the NGW guys out here, to usher them in, to the new era of IWT.

    Michael takes a puff of his cigar and sighs again.

    Michael: We have IWT vs. NGW at IWTMania IV. 4-on-4 Tag Match, but that's not why I want you guys out here. I want you guys out here to welcome you, and furthermore, explain my plans for you guys. So please make your way to the ring, and ladies and gentlemen please give a warm welcome to our newest signees. Chris Young, Jack Lux, Elliot Ryker and Alexander Hightower.

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  2. Lux's music hits

    He heads down to the ring in a leather jacket and jeans with aviator sunglasses on.
    Jack Lux: Thanks for that warm welcome, glad to see your not like your dumb audience I have to say though, the reason I came out here was because you said something about a plan so, I'm all ear bro.

  3. *The crowd pop as they see Lord Lee stroll through the curtain, his trusty IWT X-Treme belt from back in the day still intact and around his waist.*

    *Shortly after, another man appears from the curtain, not-so-familiar to the crowd. Although, I imagine some in the crowd had a good idea, and were likely more in shock than those who didn't know him. They stand together at the top of the ramp, giving eachother a smug stare.*

    Lord Lee: NGW? Making their way to IWT? Well, my compadre Luis Ovaldinho here, former NGW competitor, tells me a lot about that place. Proceed.

    Luis Ovaldinho: NGW... Ran by deluded fools! Morons who booked their chums and gave more opportunities to those who they wanted to become crowd favourites. A little league promotion that had it's importance inflated by the child-like mentality of it's fanbase. Even at it's worst, IWT is still better than NGW at it's 'best'. My promos were as over, if not more, than a lot of the upper-midcarders in my first month. Sadly, I wasn't what the 'establishment' saw as money. And now they're dead. LUIS OVALDINHO HAS OUTLIVED NGW AND IF THAT ISN'T JUSTICE I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS!

    Lord Lee: Ovaldinho could and still would eviscerate 90% of the NGW roster, despite being inactive since 2015. Fact. This guy is highly regarded and already has some of his quotes repeated to him with glee by the small minority of people in NGW who posses a grain of intelligence about e-fedding. Now, if these sheltered adolescents want their reality checks to be cashed-in, courtesy of Internet Wrestling Titles...that's their fate, not ours.

    Ovaldinho: We anticipate the humiliation with great joy.

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  4. Michael walks over to Jack Lux and tells him to wait for the others, and then he approaches Luis Ovaldinho.

    Michael: You have some nerve to walk back in here, after doing what you did. But knowing that you've ditched your NGW ways, allows me to believe that the hatchet will be buried. I won't forgive or forget what you did, skipping town on us, but I will not allow this to interfere in our business. Actually, I'm tired of waiting...

    Michael takes a puff of his cigar and smiles.

    Michael: At IWTMania IV. Chris Young vs. Jack Lux. vs Alexander Hightower vs. Elliot Ryker in a fatal 4-way match to determine the inaugural IWT Young Lion Cup champion! This isn't a title belt, it's an accomplishment. Whoever wins will surely be in line for a title match down, the line. I'll let everyone say what needs to be said. Oh and Luis...

    Michael extends a hand to Oval.
  5. *Chris and Lilith Young walk out to no music*

    Chris: Hey you no good POS Don't you dare mock NGW just because you could not cut the mustard and are bitter.
    Now I welcome this chance and that's all I have to say.
  6. Jack Lux: See I love this place already, this is how it should be. I signed my signature on that contract, and I already have a chance to win something in my first match here. Although I really should just be awarded the soon to be prestigious honor being that the other three chumps didn't even come out, but that's alright I enjoy a good fight.

    The crowd begin to chant "Fuck you Lux" he chuckles and takes off his sunglasses.

    Yeah right back at you. The thing I find funny is that you people probably think I'm a bust I have no talent, that I will just fade away into nothing. Well that...

    The crowd then Lux by chanting "Go home Lux" Lux once again chuckles.

    As I was saying, that's just no going to happen because I know that I'm going to win the Young Lion Cup. You guys just are just going to get used to me.

    Lux rolls outta the ring to his music

    OOC: This happens before Chris Young walks out it just took me a long time to write.

  7. *Alexander Highcastle's music hits and he walks down to the ring with a microphone*

    Highcastle: Allow me to introduce myself, I am Alexander Highcastle. Unlike the other 3 men in that "Young Lion Cup" match, I was not apart of this "Next Generation Wrestling" because I only spend my time being the best, and you can't do that in the minor leagues, can you?

    *Alexander laughs at his "joke(?)" for a second before beginning to talk again*

    Highcastle: Anyways, winning this Young Lion Cup should be fun. Also, unless anybody has any more to say, which I hope that you don't because I don't want to listen to you, I'll be leaving.
  8. Michael smirks his approval. He tells the camera man - "This is gonna be good" and leans back.
  9. *Lord Lee intervenes in the Ovaldinho/Michael confrontation*

    Lord Lee: My protege can technically be classed as a 'Young Lion' in the same way any of these other newcomers from NGW are. The difference is that Ovaldinho, for a 'young lion' presents himself in a way that a lion would at the peak of his powers, like a true predator, hunting his prey, ready to sink his teeth into his next victim, the blood and flesh slapping against his gums.

    Ovaldinho: I was too good for NGW. 'Luis Ovaldinho' is that work horse who can, and will, put the name 'Luis Ovaldinho' on the IWT map, come IWT Mania, someway, somehow. But, for now, greeetings Michael, pleasure to meet you.

    *Shakes Michael's hand, before turning his attention to Chris*

    Ovaldinho: Listen Christopher, I have no personal vendetta against you, so I'd rather not directly ruin you. Word of advice; keep your mouth shut and focus on winning this Young Lion Cup. Maybe that'll give you and your wife something to be stimulated about in the bedroom...

    Lord Lee: Generic not-so-cool 'bad' guy; How about you, and your ball & chain go watch a few Lord Lee compilations, so you can have an idea of how to be a real man, while your unfortunate spouse can learn what a real man looks like?

    Ovaldinho: You no longer have buddies covering your back like in NGW, no one to kiss your booboos better. You're with the piranha's now, and you're getting eaten alive, just like I'd eat out Lillith's pus-

    Lord Lee: ooooooook, let's not. Alright Luis, point made.
    IWT Universe, I've brought this hungry young talent here for a reason. Ovaldinho was under-used in NGW, it was a travesty. With my guidance and the superior intelligence of the IWT management, Luis Ovaldinho will become a household name. A legitimate athlete, with a legitimate story, but that'll come in due time. ​
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  10. Jack Lux comes back out

    Jack Lux: Well Alexander, do you mind if I call you Alex... nah it doesn't matter I don't care about your opinion nor do I care about this big league crap that your pulling. You may have not been in NGW, but that ain't stopping from whipping you ass. Now as for that Tokyo Demon guy and his wife, I've heard of you and your reputation and I'm not scared one bit by your mind game, and in fact you don't even scary me, your just like Casper the Ghost in that way. Finally and most certainly least Ellott Ryker, I've never heard of you so I assume you're not going to do much to stop me from winning.

    Lux waits for a response from the other men.
  11. Michael: Lee, I respect you but you and your friend here need to prove yourselves. These guys are doing such, right now. Listen here I made a new signing over the night. This man is like a Dragon Claw. This man is a fucking psycho, The living, breathing, hardcore meme machine...LUUUCAAASS!


  12. A man answers the call but it is not Lucas, he wears a stark white suit and walks with cocky stride. Multiple strippers dance around for his pleasure (AND HIS PLEASURE ONLY!) He smirks at all the little people and then looks at Luis Ovaldinho, pulling down his solid gold shades and raising a perfectly placed eyebrow.

    "Mikey baby boy baby man. You wanted Lucas but let's be honest sweet Mikey brown; that boy is so 2014. Y'see sweetie, the contract did not read LUCAS, I had some.... People take care of that little pion. No, no, no, no. The contract read BIG DRAG BABY"

    The crowd does a cheer as FINALLY a legend has arrived in IWT.


    The crowd all let out a big "wooooo". All the Young Lions frown but accept their place. Luis smirks.

    "Louie baby, I respect you big boy. I respect you for not being another smelly shorts ping pong boy in this wretched little company. The truth is haha, Big Man Drago came here to this run-down Mikey fed to SAVE IT."

    Drag pushes his shades back and pulls them back down, his eyes impregnating many women.

    "And win all your jabroni titles hahahahaha."

    "Now here's the thing Mikey. You signed all these lil boys to try and save your sinking company when the reality is, you got the franchise right here. Jack Looks, Al Highcock, Yung Chris. All of 'em are simply jabroni marks without a life that work themselves into a shoot mark."

    Crowd pops.

    "Luis my son. I respect you, I've said this. But the truth is pretty boy baby sweet. This dam place is MINE. Lemme sit you down kiddo. I know you know me. But lemme break it down eh?"

    "I ain't fun Mr. Demon, I ain't badman best in the world. I certainly ain't Chris Young haha"

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  13. Michael can't believe what he's seeing. He urges Lord Lee and Luis to refute him.
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  14. OOC - EVERYONE must do a move-set in the move-set thread.
  15. *Lord Lee is in shock, realising he is no longer the biggest stud on campus*

    Lord Lee: Wel-Well-WELL! Big Drag, eh? I'll save the transvestite humour for a later date. I respect your potential and your big kahunas. But big kahunas can only spell testicular CANCER!~ (god bless cancer humour enthusiast Danny Jacobs)

    Luis Ovaldinho: I am a LEGITIMATE ATHLETE!! Little Drag!! Loser. Pathetic. Weirdo. GET OUT OF MY FACE!! Do not make me break the mutox scale with you!!

    *Ovaldinho goes NUTS before Lord Lee calms him down.*
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  16. Big Drag walks down the ramp with a frown.

    "So you think you got what it TAKES Boyo!?"

    He points at Luis Ovaldinho

    "You'd best start bending over now kiddo for the smacking of a lifetime! I crippled both of Lord Lee's dam legs and I ain't gonna shy away from snapping ur dick clean off."

    Big Drag enters the ring and shoves Chris Young to the floor.

    "Michael. I DEMAND a match against your biggest jabroni mark without a life online. I'm gonna show this young lil Luis how the BIG BOYOS play. Now Lord Lee, get your little cuck of a protoge out of my mf'in ring before i meat slap everyone here on the cheek!"
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  17. Michael: You want it? You go it. IWTMania IV Luis Ovaldhino vs. Big Drag in a match to die for.

    OOC - do the moveset you drag baby drag
  18. Oval is one big memester. B- on that one big guy.
  19. *Chris leans back on the ropes and starts to speak.*

    Chris: Ha ha very funny and just to shoot a little NGW Did nothing for my run I lost to the champion's buddy and only beat someone who showed up drunk and high to show.
    You think I had backup Walter did jack all to help me.
    And with this cup, I will show that I'm the greatest wrestler ever on the face of the earth!

    *Chris removes his jacket as if he is ready to fight.*
  20. Jack Lux: Greatest wrestler? You? Look Chris if you going to say that someone in this ring is the greatest wrestler of all time you'd better say it's me.

    Lux takes off his jacket and is ready to fight

    And Chris I'm willing to prove it right now, because i know I can kick your ass, so let's go you and I right now.