Storyline The New Generation Visits New Jersey

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    Introduction (open)
    A 4 seated pickup truck pulls up outside a house in New Jersey as Anonymous and The Artist walk out of the truck wearing "The New Generation" T-Shirts. They tell an unknown driver to wait for them while they take care of some business. They open the mailbox as all the letters are addressed to "Dat Kid." They take the letters (Including Mortgage) and shred them up. They continue towards to door as they reach the door they ring the doorbell. After about 50 seconds of waiting for a response Anonymous busts down the door. They look around before Anonymous whispers something to The Artist. The Artist runs out and returns with 2 cans of spray paint, 2 bats and 2 hammers.

    Anonymous looks around the bottom level of the house scoping for anybody as The Artist looks upstairs. They both meet at the doorstep before The Artist says "Let's Get Started."

    Anonymous walks into the kitchen before getting the hammer and busting in the fridge. He gets out the bat and destroys the counter top and proceeds to hit everything in the kitchen with the hammer. After finishing off the kitchen and leaving it in bits he continues to the living room where he finds a corner decorated, celebrating Dat Kid's accomplishments. On the shelf in the corner, stands replica's of all the titles he's won. Next to the belts stands a tape library of all his title wins and on the other side stands a tape library of every match he's ever had. Anonymous continues to smash in everything, taking the titles and bashing them to pieces, while Anonymous says "Kharma." He proceeds to destroy all the matches before tipping over the shelf destroying everything beneath it. He continued to destroy the TV and the walls.

    The Artist is upstairs destroying his bed room. Bashing his bed apart before destroying his computer, and all other devices in the room. He continues to smash holes in his walls before continuing on to the bathroom ripping apart the shower and crushing all the cabinets and items in the bathroom. He continues to destroy everything before taking out his spray paint. Just before he starts painting Anonymous walks up as they spray paint a logo on all the upper level walls. They walk outside to get 3 heavy iron chains and tie them to the truck. They tell the driver to floor. The house tumbles down as pedestrians walk by with looks of shock.

    Ending (open)
    They continue towards the truck but before reaching the truck The Artist puts a "The New Generation" shirt on what used to be his living room. As their trucks starts to drive off the camera zooms in on the driver unsteadily. The camera tries gets a glimpse of the driver but can't make out the image. They soon speed off leaving the camera and wreckage far behind.
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  2. Bamboozling.
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  3. OOC: Hey, picking on @Dat Kid is my shtick at the moment, come on! :troll:
  4. I thought your shtick was being a horrible GM?
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  5. I kid.
  6. I saw....still :why::please:

  7. Never knew Vince Russo cried....:terry:

    Really, why hasn't a GM changed their name to Vince Russo? Lol.
  8. you wish
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  9. I chose not to be a homeless slave.
  10. You really think this is Kid's only house? Your thinking is questionable.
  11. He lives in Trips sex cave now, so yeah he had 2 houses, now he has 1.
  12. He has a house in every corner of the world. I hope he presses charges.
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  13. "Charges" What a wonderful thing.
  14. You forgot about the house I share with Farooq
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  15. d-roc = Farooq because he's high on LSD.
    kaine = Dat Kid because he's high on weed.