Storyline The New IWT Champion is...Me!

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  1. *the camera cuts to gav who is stood in the middle of the ring clutching onto his new iwt championship*

    ( Gav the chav) I did it! I told you all id do it and I fucking did hahaha gav the chav iwt champion who would of thought that eh? I bet none of you cheeky ****s did but I proved you all wrong

    you wanna know something funny? You all know alias antonio right? He's one of iwts finest competitors hes won countless championships since he debuted but guess what? Hes never been IWT champion or what about farooq he has one of the best win/loss records in IWT but guess what? He's never been IWT champion or what about our GM @Trip in the Head he was pretty good back in the day but guess what thats right he's never been IWT champion as good as they all might be they have never been at this level gav is at right now they all dream of moments like this but I've beat them all to it

    joey are you mad bro? Are you mad coz gav stole your belt don't act all surprised I gave you countless warnings you should of listened and you should of been watching over your shoulder like I kept telling you to it ain't gavs fault you weren't ready for him what did you want me to do tell you when im exactly gunna cash in? Did you want it in big writing all over these walls so it was crystal fucking clear? You should of been ready for me be mad all you want but the only person you can blame is yourself so like it or lump it and hopefully I see you at the next ppv

    however should joey bryant choose to not use then gav has got a little problem and that problem being just who am I going to face at survivor series? I see some people wanting a shot at the title and I bet you they are expecting a title shot on a plate but as the rules clearly state the champ decides who he wants to face and you will only be getting a shot if you earn and after looking around not a single one of you deserve it so if you wanna face me for my belt they prove to me you deserve it!

    *gav drops the mic and leaves the arena*
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  2. OOC - Gav vs. Jwab amirite?
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  3. 3 more matches and you could pull the same move as me :)