The New King of IWT!

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    *B.Dazzle makes his way to the ring. He is wearing a fur pelt around his waist, and has dark colored leather for armbands and knee-braces. He has a short crown with a skull in the middle. He wears a necklace with the letter B and bones hanging from the chain. B.Dazzle gets in the ring.*

    *The fans don't know what to think of this.*

    B.Dazzle: What you are looking at is the evolution of a man. B.Dazzle is dead. The man who dazzled you all is dead. A new man has been born. A man with aggression, a man with power, and a man who will rule this company with an iron fist. I am not just a King, I am a warrior. I am a cold-blooded killer, and I will destroy any man who steps in my way of becoming the ruler of all of you. For now on, I will be known as King. Not just any King, but King Brandon. Death and sin will be punished by me. I am the judge, jury, and the executioner. I leave no man alive. This company needs a new ruler, and that man is me. I am your Emperor, and you will bow down! Bow down to King Brandon, your new ruler of the IWT!

    *The fans give a mixed reaction, still a bit shocked of what has happened.*

    King Brandon: One last thing. Jake Woods, Future Greatness is over. I am no longer just the future, I am the Emperor, and if you or anyone wants to join my empire, you better choose quick, because I will serve no mercy on anybody who does not bow down to the King!

    *King Brandon leaves the ring.*

    OOC: Was this good?
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  2. OOC - Took me long enough to find out what happened to the team. God damn it..
  3. OOC: I like it, although I never saw much of B.Dazzle prior to this.

    I assume you will be gunning for the win in the King of the Ring tournament? That happens here right?
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  4. OOC - Nope, just his new gimmick. Me and him had a singles match and tag match that you can check out.
  5. king of the ring will be dope, im sure. Thats up to Big E Rection
  6. What we're doin now cept' im not calling it that
  7. oh so if i win, I'm King Aids.
  8. You sure you want that title, we already got like 3 other kings here, literally
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  9. dont know them. False titles. Self Proclaimed. Im saying when i win that title, that crown will be around my waist.

  10. I,m starting to think the king idea was a bad decision, so I make scrap it.