The new locker room rules.

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  1. I've noticed this has been a cause of issue for a few members, see the following quotes an example. I hope the people don't mind me quoting them, if they do feel free to PM me and I'll remove them as soon as I can.

    My viewpoint is a follows...

    What are your thoughts on the rule changes? Either positive or negative, just present your opinion on them. No one will present an issue with your opinion.
  2. My point of view on how the Locker Room should be used is for anything outside wrestling. Which means media, posting returns, posting when you're leaving, post something you're going to do or planning to do, games, debates, or just anything with a purpose. For pictures, there should be a single thread for that stuff, and flaming shouldn't be made at all. Not saying they should be HQ, but they should have a purpose.


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    Just shitted your mom

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    (insert username here) is a bitch

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    hey guys

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    Going on a trip guys, see you in a week.

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    BACK GUYS :boss1:

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    How come Dr. House is so popular?
  3. It honestly doesn't bother me either way, it's not like I made an abundance of threads just filled with pictures. I do miss MikeDAWT though :emoji_slight_frown:
  4. Plus upgraded groups should have spamming as a perk on their sections since their a upgraded group. Also group sections can be used for that.
  5. That's kind of what we're trying to promote, your dislike list is going to be junked but the likes will be encouraged. We have no issue with that style of discussion, see the favorite actor / actress thread as a prime example. However if someone just posts a picture in the OP, what kind of discussion can be had? If we get little discussion then what is the point of it?


    Exactly my thoughts, Crayo even said he wants the legend section to be more like the old Locker room as it's hidden from the public, so can't put off new members and it gives legends another perk for more relaxed moderation in that section. I know The Showoff section is pretty heavily spammed and I encourage it tbh, it helps activity and creates a joking atmosphere for our members, which most of the group seem to enjoy.
  6. Exactly, I think the way to "spam" should be earned if anything. You shouldn't just want to join this forum just to spam here because another forum won't let you, you need to earn that right by being active, and upgrading.
  7. I agree you should earn more relaxed moderation by proving you can be trusted not to abuse it to an extent, you for example have proven you are mature enough not to go crazy with the spamming so it becomes an issue. I attempt to stay as neutral as possible during moderation and I know others do too however if someone has proven themselves to be more mature it's natural to be slightly more lenient towards them. Plus if it's done in private sections it won't affect the public perception of the forum and potential sign ups.
  8. I'm mature? :shock: Might have to fix that soon. But it's true it'll be better to keep it private.
  9. While I usually avoid the locker room anyway, the few little pointless things I found in here didn't turn out too bad, Most of MikeDawt's pointless posts had pointless OP's, but the rest of the thread turned out pretty good. It really promoted that this site has a fun-loving group of users who could turn shit into gold.
  10. Who gives a fuck lol
  11. A few people seem to be caring about it lol, it wasn't a major decision for me either but I've noticed the odd few people complaining about it.
  12. Meh, I'm never here anyway.
  13. Locker Room is public to everyone and we don't want guests seeing the forum filled with spam. Sure posting couple of funny posts, pics are allowed but repeatedly doing it by multiple users on multiple threads makes it pointless. Locker Room is just another forum for users to talk about anything else besides Wrestling and Sports.

    Use the Legends section. That's section that has no rules. You can also use your group forum if you're in a group that has a subforum.
  14. Pretty much this. Before the rules there was so many threads aimed at one particular user... what's the point in the PM system then? The stuff we remove is the stuff that serves zero purpose, or could offend a user or multiple users. I'd love to debate with someone who now calls this section strict.

    Also this. The Legend section should be the place for random pointless threads.

    That hasn't been lost. This still is a fun-loving section filled with random threads which mostly go off-topic with users having a laugh. We don't junk those.

  15. And I quote:

    ''Rules? :haha:''
  16. @[Ted]

    Bumping because people still have some issues with the new "rules".
  17. @[Ted] Ignore them, just Seabs being a dicktader again.
  18. I knew Seabs would turn into a dictader, should just remove from staff and put in future endeavoured group.
  19. Feel free.

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    It's like playing Russian Roulette with a water pistol
  20. Then I just need to take out Jose and Stop somehow and TeamShowoff is mine :smug: