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  1. As IWT opens its first house show in over 6 weeks, a video plays on the screen.

    Smoke has filled the entrance as the camera pans out while the announce team reminds the company who Dat Kid and Farooq are, and what their words meant in the history of the IWT.

    Aids Johnson walks out to a mixed reaction, wearing his blue suit with a gold tie. Aids stops at the top to soak it all in, before jogging down to the ring, sliding in. Aids is handed a pipebomb, before stopping in the center of the ring to address the crowd. *IWT has Aids* chants begin to break out, causing a short pause.

    The IWT is finally saved, free from the constant issues that have plagued this company for many, many months. I'm a man with a lucrative past, and I decided to go all in with this opportunity to bring back what used to be larger than the asses we stacked into seats week in and week out, and i'm not just talking about or former General Manager.

    No, this is a reboot all around, and i'm not going to play the safe card to make everyone feel better from the bottom up to the top tier of this company. Consistency is the play, and the history of the IWT will remain intact as long as I am around to promote this special thing we are all involved in. Today, however, a new history is written.

    Today we give way to the newest generation of the IWT, one not built on history, it's the one who promotes itself and provides itself with a future. Today, we simplify the IWT. You want a shot at the championship? Come get some from @Ovalhead or @CM Punk while the opportunity still exists. Today, we decide who is and who is not ready for a chance at a legacy, and we decide it with a simple challenge.

    The challenge, is a tournament for a #1 contender to the championship belt, because our first PPV will be headlined by a match between our two champions to unite the belt one time so we can move forward, because lets be serious, it was one of the biggest problems to plague this company. Low card does not equal lesser talent, it is a stepping stone into the upper tier in this company, and anyone not proud enough to move their way up to the top deserves no opportunity at all. Let's paint this perspective for everyone involved.

    The first PPV will involve a tag team title match, we will determine our #1 contender as well as our IWT WHC champion. The person who wins will be a leader, will define the path, and will enhance the experience for all of the fans in the IWT. No, that person will not be me *crowd pop* but I will be here to oversee and help our first IWT WHC champion, and ensure the people here are able to have a fun, fair time in the IWT.

    If you need me, you know where to find me. *Aids walks out of the ring, as the crowd remains silent until starting an IWT chant*
  2. *Marcus Anthony makes his way through the crowd in the arena and hops over the guard rail. He slides in the ring and Aids hand him the mic*

    Marcus: got what you wanted right?! Finally got control of I W T. I'm proud of you Aids. You set your mind to something and actually followed through. As it seems, this change for the moment doesn't feel like it's only about you. I'm here for the greater good. That's why I've come back. Back to continue eliminating those that do wrong by me. Wrong by IWT. my family......
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  3. As Aids goes to leave the ring a familiar theme song hits the arena. (Marcus Anthony is out there as well)

    Christian comes out without his championship titles and his lawyer.

    Christian: Hold it right there, Aids...

    I know exactly where to find you... but I'd rather deal with this out in public in front of all these fans in this arena and fans watching across the globe.

    NEVER in a million years did I see this coming...
    Never in a million years did I think that Aids would come out here, cut a promo that ACTUALLY made sense. This is the first time since... I don't know, ever?!?

    It was inevitable that one day you would be in charge of this company. Although, I didn't expect it to be this soon, so on my behalf from the rest of the locker room, THANK YOU!

    Thank you for actually taking initiative rather than leaving the superstars out of the loop for god knows how long.
    Thank you for actually CARING about this company and the competitors who want to be here.
    Thank you for reviving the best "fucking" wrestling company around the world, IWT!

    A "Thank You, Aids!" chant breaks out as well as an "IWT" chant.

    Christian: Now that the thank you's are over, lets talk business.

    It's been months since IWT's been on hiatus. I've lost contact from some of my co-workers, specifically my partner, Alias Antonio. We were the Dynasty and we were the IWT Tag-Team Champions. Now I'm not going to let a little technicality strip me of the championship that I won FAIR & SQUARE. That's why I brought my lawyer here.

    I am here to make an agreement. I will find a partner of my choosing and defend my tag-team championship with that said person when the time comes. All you gotta do, is give me until the Money in the Bank PPV. What do you say?
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  4. Aids stops in his tracks, listening and soaking in the fan-felt chants around the arena. He holds up his microphone, before moving back to put his hand on the shoulder of Marcus Anthony.

    You and Alias are champions until you lose it, but you WILL be defending your championship belt vs @TheArabHammer and @Trip in the Head, either at money in the bank, or our IWT PPV after it. The IWT titles are and will be vacated until that time, but your defense is still deserved and is exactly what this company needs - a match to promote our company and give people a reason to compete for the tag team championship.
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  5. *Lee comes out, the crowd show little approval towards him. He has his IWT Championship around his waist, Along with the X-treme title around his left arm. He waltzes down the ramp with a shit-eating grin while the insults from the small but irritated crowd go on and on. He gets in the ring and is greeted with a mic. He takes his time to look around the arena at the fans, and to stare towards the three men in the ring before he begins talking.*

    Lee: Controversy was thrown all around the place before this place naturally drove itself into a temporary coma, that's for sure. What can also be said is I haven't seen or heard from Jonno since I rinsed him. So with him gone, presumably to do his dream job and deliver Dominos pizza....

    *Lee sarcastically laughs at a joke he is well aware is overplayed at this point*

    Then again, I wouldn't trust him to deliver it to the customer's house before he eats it himself

    *Lee lets out an even bigger sarcastic laugh*

    Shit-talking aside, I am HYPED that IWT has awoken from it's comatose state! Maybe...just maybe, we can now re-build the prestige of this once amazingly brilliant empire. I was once proud to have on my wrestling CV that I, Lee, was part of this establishment...but it got the point were I started to wonder if I should even keep it on there anymore. Truly, one of the only upsides to the whole fiasco surrounding the IWT was that it resulted in me earning the title that I deserve for all the shifts I put since I stepped onto IWT turf for the first time in Summer 2013. And hey, I won that Royal Rumble, that's what should be remembered here, I earned the opportunity in the first place by making the right moves.

    But that's all in the past now, what matters now is that I'm here to step up my game, revitalise my love for my wrestling craft, rebuild this crushed kingdom and decimate a few fellow 'competitors' along the way.

    *Lee places his focus on AIDS intently, scrunching his face and raising his brow*

    Despite all the controversy that built around you for the last 12 months and the growing disconnect between you and the old IWT management team, I'm glad you had the balls to try and take this company and make it your goals to try and make it respectable again. And to those who I say that to be a kiss-up.....

    *Lee smirks and shakes his head*

    You need to let me finish. So, AIDS, I respect your ambition very much, but I feel it's in my best interests to inform not just you, but Christian, Anthony, the rest of the IWT roster and the IWT universe that I didn't just become IWT champion 'for the banter'. I'm not here to play games. I am intent on putting on clinic after clinic, stealing show after show. Most importantly though; winning match.after.match and cementing the legacy a brillant athletic superstar such as yours truly deserves!

    [Sarcastically] Now if you excuse me, I need to go backstage and decide what side of Lee I'll show at the next show. I'm thinking either Wigga Lee or Little Lee. Can't wait to make my choice!

    *Lee winks at the hard camera, then proceeding to leave the ring as his music plays again. Before he begins walking up the ramp he looks at the 3 men in the ring and proceeds to point at himself with the one hand while holding up one finger with the other hand. He walks up the ramp as the crowd boo him. He sarcastically applauds the crowd as he walks through the curtain and to the back.*
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