The New Way of The Cole

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  1. *Reagan comes out at 0:05 to loud boos as he walks down the ramp slowly and he starts to insult the fans as he walks making them boo louder and Reagan smiles as he slides into the ring finally at 0:58 as he takes a microphone from the ring announcer but suddenly he kicks the announcer in the stomach and throws him out of the ring*

    Reagan:sorry only pure athletes can be in the ring with me


    Reagan: i know what are you guys thinking.....why are we in the presence in this greatness know as Reagan Cole? and the reason is because IWT messed up with tour dates and instead of the Greatist Country in this world Great Britain

    *Mixed reaction,Cheers from people from Britain and boos from the rest*

    Reagan: and ended up with THE LAND OF THE OBESE!

    *massive Boos*

    Reagan: i mean come on one of your guys sells goddamn Taco Bells! anyway your country has achieved more recognition than it deserves onto my next point i Challenge the "Best of the Best" if there is any in this place


    Reagan: it doesn't matter if it's that weird Deer that keeps appearing


    Reagan: or that "Aiden Ryan" person who suddenly started caring about Edward Coleman


    Reagan: after i Crushed Most of the bones in his body!,hell i will even allow Mr.Smith or Jonathan to come down i just want to show everyone that i am not someone to be looked over

    *Reagan waits for his opponient for about a Min whilst the Crowd Chants random Superstars names like "Joey Bryant" "The Artist" and "Trip" *

    Reagan: well it looks like nobody is brave Enough,to be honest i'm not surprised you would find more bravery in Federation-X than here

    *Reagan goes to leave but.....*
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  2. Tyler Freeborn comes down to the ring, he looks very focused, some cheers are heard, but most of the crowd cheers “USA”, he enters the ring, and gets in front of Cole`s face, with a smirk on his face, he violently rips the mic off of Reagan`s hand, and proceeds to speak

    Tyler Freeborn: it makes me laugh a lot, you know?, you saying that you are greatness, when your win/loss record says otherwise…, you want to challenge the Best of the Best, well… you don`t have to wait, because you are looking at the Best of the Best

    Some laughs are heard on the crowd, along with “You can`t wrestle” chants, Feeborn smirks and start walking towards the crowd

    Tyler Freeborn: I can`t wrestle?, why don`t you come and try me?

    That comment makes the crowd boo even more, Tyler turns his attention to Reagan once again

    Tyler Freeborn: I`m here for respect, and one of the best ways to earn it…, is by shutting up someone like you, and that`s exactly what I`m going to do

    The Crowd starts cheering for him

    Tyler Freeborn: So, are you going to man up and have a match with me, or are you going to shut up and go to the back?​
  3. *Reagan smirks at Tyler's Responce*

    Reagan:wow....this is what Jonathan pulled out of the ground to face me?........a little Rookie wants to face Brillance?........

    *Reagan chuckles*

    Reagan: pathetic...the first thing he mentions is my Win/Loss Record but here's the thing....that was the old me.....that was the man who kissed these Whores and Retards asses every single night.......but this is the new ME......and you are too stupid to realise that I ENDED EDWARD COLEMAN'S CAREER! was all ME!

    *The Crowd cheer for Edward*


    *The Cheers grow louder*

    Reagan: idiots......and the funniest thing about your promo there was you called yourself "The Best of The Best" yea your The Best of The Best of ICW and that's not saying much.....

    *Mixed Reaction to the mention of ICW*

    Reagan: another funny thing about your "Promo"

    *Reagan Laughs*

    Reagan: Actually i can't call that a promo i just can't......anyway you said you're here for respect,here's a little Wrestling lession for ya,here......There's no such thing as Respect......and that is the.......

    *Reagan smirks and throws the Microphone at the Ring Announcer and leaves the ring*
  4. Tyler smirks and leans in the turnbuckle, where he starts laughing before start speaking again, while watching Cole from the ramp

    Tyler Freeborn: Let me get this straight, you say (laughs), you say that for being a new “person”, you will change your ability?, you say you are brilliance?, you think that I only work here and on ICW?, just open your eyes, look at this new company, CPW, you know it?

    Crowd starts chanting ”C-P-Dub”, Tyler waits for them to die out, and he speaks again

    Tyler Freeborn: on CPW, I recently won the X-Division championship, and I`m one of the greatest wrestlers there… and here

    Crowd boos

    Tyler Freeborn: Also, you think you are good for retiring Edward Coleman? Who cares about him anyways? Oh, yeah, only this people, and, between you and me, we know that they don`t count

    That comment makes the crowd boo even more

    Tyler Freeborn: and you`re wrong, wrestling is about respect, you have to earn and give it, and when you learn to do that, it will be when you lose to me

    Tyler leaves the ring too and gets into Reagan`s face, only for a minute, then he pushes him and walks to the back
  5. *Reagan has confused look on his face and mouths "What's CPW?" before he heads to the back*
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