Other The Next Big Thing In Sports - Video Games!

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Solid Snake, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. I thought this was interesting so I wanted to share this post I read on Forbes.
    What do you guys think of video games and gaming becoming a legit sport?

  2. Pokemon >
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  4. Yes, let's care less and less about people who train and live for legitimate competition so we can pour millions into fat Asian kids playing games.
  5. It really shouldn't. But this development annoys me to no end
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  6. Same, I can't fucking stand CS:GO and League of Legends E-Sports, Especially when they promote it as being "A developing sport" and hold it in Football stadiums and what not. I'm up for playing competitive tourneys but when it comes to E-Sports, that crosses the line for me.

    E-Sports should Fuck off.
  7. People who make a living gaming to me are no worse than people making a living doing youtube reaction videos or let's plays. It's never going to be as legit a sport as NFL, NBA, etc, but honestly if you are getting thousands of people watching you play, or becoming one of the top players in the world - of course you are going to make cash.

    I'm betting he also has a youtube channel, and it helps with channels like Rocket League's own, which helps put more money back into the game to stop DLC costs from being outrageous. It's been happening for years with some games, I couldn't honestly care less about some "fat asian" or anything else making money off the game they play. That's mostly RTS and arcade beatemups, which have been paying out cash for forever.
  8. Call of Duty is already a sport.. It's the only game that needs to be a sport, because it's the best game ever.
  9. Most guys who are playing are actually fit.
  10. It's just an exaggeration to explain that unathletic people choose to play video games, rather than train for actual physical competition.
  11. I mean I'm no fan of E-sports, but why train for something you have no interest in?
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  12. I think the issue in this matter is is that there's a push to consider games a sport. Which by nature they cannot be.

    Sports are athletic by nature and definition. As much as the competitive gaming community wants it to be, competitive gaming is not athletic. It is much more a mental exercise.

    I have no problem about professional and competitive gaming being a thing. but Call of Duty is not a sport.
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  13. I agree that it shouldnt be call sports. It should be called what it is, competitive gaming or just outright competition. Like Chess.

    I have no issues with people doing it or it getting hyped. It is an eventuality with how much money these gaming companies are pouring into it, for them it's like getting in on the ground level of an unlicensed event that will help them sell their own products.

    EA's E3 was mostly devoted to just that, Madden/BF/etc all launching massive competitions. It takes skill to be the best at anything really, it takes hours of dedication even if its 'just' a video game

    Now whether the hype is warranted or not, that's totally subjective. I never found eSports interesting at the least but i LOVE games. really. I am a gamer through and through but I rather be playing Madden than watch someone do it. That said, Pewdepie's earnings is proof that people like watching others play games (albeit there is the whole theatrics of presentation when you do a let's play and not so much on eSports).