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  1. REALISTICLY what do you think the next RAW 'set' will look like in a few years based on the current look of the areana??

    Please don't bring up 'the smackdown fist' because that is a thing of the past and we will never see it again.
  2. Something modern since WWE is obsessed with keeping up with reality.
  3. Hopefully it isn't all monitors and they don't make it look so clean. I wish they would go for something imaginitive like they do with pay-per-views. I would rather they put in effort with the weekly sets as we have to put up with them every week.

    Oh and get rid of those stupid red lights on the crowd and those icky white ropes. Make the ropes grey and just have enough light on the crowd so they can be seen.
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  4. Agreed. Grey, Red or Black :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. Sure it will be red.
  6. Rock concert was only good when he was heel.
  7. I like the current set as it is and the whole red lights etc...on the crowd, white ropes and all that makes it better than what you are suggesting, don't get me wrong a change would be good but I would not want it to change backwards like (IMO) what your suggesting
  8. I watched the old school RAW episode, and I swear the older graphics make the show so much better.
  9. i want too see the set go too how it was in 1999
  10. Yeah I like the current set.
  11. I despise the current set fan :emoji_slight_frown:.

    It's weird what little differences these things make. I'm convinced mood lights reduce crowd volume.
  12. I can see it now. The large titan-tron thing, that will be a Twitter feed showing all the #WWE tweets. The announcers will be small monitors and Cole and Lawler will be broadcasting live via satelitte.
  13. You mean Lawler is still there in the future? #FML
  14. 3D titantron. Lazor effects... and a conveyor belt to bring wrestlers to the ring. Live arena chat on the titantron. No more play by play announcers, just color and internet. More backstage personnel will get involved. Tony Chimel to end the streak.
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  15. Tony = YES!
  16. Yes Lawler will be in the future. What's wrong with Lawler? Other than his pervert like comments around divas. I hate Cole, I like his character but he brings it too far. Booker is the best, by far.
  17. What's not wrong with Lawler? I mean when Kane returned, he said this (and I quote), "ughhh". He made a pervert sound to sell Kane returning with the mask.

    When Cole does what Cole is meant to do - rant about faces, King replies with "Shut up Cole". Cole puts over heels, then Jerry just ignores that and tells Cole to shut up putting no face over. He's lost his passion, he's a moron there who's obsessed with divas.

    My opinion ofc.
  18. Lawler Rocks, Cole is good at what he does, but sometimes is really a pain in the ass to listen to. He is a commentator, but seems to never shut-up, even during promos,

    At least he shuts up when Jerry tells him to
  19. Lawler rocks?

  20. What? I think Jerry Lawler sucks really bad. He is not even interested in the product anymore. Bring JR back!