Storyline The Next Tag Team Challenge

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  1. *The Next Tag Team Champions comes out of the Curtain with Mr.Failface in the middle and Reagan at the Right of Failface and Justin at the left to a new Theme song and the Crowd Boos as they slowly walks down to the Ring as a Announcer is already in the ring and Reagan slides into the ring whilst Justin Magnus and Mr.Failface Walks up the Steel Steps and Enters the Ring*
    Announcer: well with me now are the Next Tag Team Champions Reagan Cole and Justin Magnus now you guys have requested this time so what is on your minds?
    *Magnus and Reagan double Clotheslines the Announcer and he falls down so Reagan gets the Announcer back to his feet and throws him outside of the ring and Reagan gets the Microphone that the Announcer dropped when he got Double clotheslined*
    Reagan: Some People never learn do they?....anyway IWT hasn't set up any matches for the Best Tag Team in THIS ENTIRE DIVISION! it's probably because you people don't deserve to watch us Wrestle and you don't deserve to look at the Best European Champion in IWT History!
    *the Crowd Boos*
    Reagan: go ahead and boo,everybody on this planet know it's TRUE!
    *The Boos grow Louder*
    Reagan: so we have decided to do something ourselves we are inviting any 2 People to come down here and Face could be Andrew and Spinz,Dazzling Bitches or even the Weird Pairing which is Aiden Ryan and Harriet Vargas so Roll up! roll up! and face your doom as you stand at the other side of the ring against THE NEXT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!
    *Reagan sits on the turnbuckle and Magnus Exits the Ring and Grabs a Chair and Rolls back into the Ring and gives it to Mr.FailFaceFTW who sits in it as Magnus leans against the Ropes*
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  2. * Magnus instructs @FailFaceFTW to go out and grab a microphone, and then hand it to him *

    Justin Magnus: Ladies and gentleman, tonight will be a night of hopefully Justin Magnus' first match in IWT. I say hopefully because I don't know if anyone has the balls to be the lamb to the slaughter. As I've claimed before, I don't need anyone to stand next to me, but I have realized something. My partner at least has enough class to acknowledge my partner and get him a chair. I don't respect anyone, but he has at least proven to me that isn't like all of you out here, and everyone in the back.

    I'm gonna keep this real short and simple so I can give someone a chance to get out here, I'm going to beat every single person that comes into this ring and has a match with me as long as I still breathe. So now's your chance to be the lamb to the slaughter, who's got the balls to have a tag match right here right now and challenge us?
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